Republican Party of Texas Passes Right to Life Proposition

On March 1, Texan Republicans overwhelmingly passed a strong Right to Life proposition on the Republican primary ballot. 

Republican voters considered ten ballot propositions concerning the core principles of the party. 

Proposition 5, the Right to Life proposition, reaffirmed the strong Pro-Life position of the Republican Party. Proposition 5 reads: 

Texas should enact a State Constitutional Amendment to defend the sanctity of innocent human life, created in the image of God, from fertilization until natural death. 

83.3% of Republican voters, over 1.5 million Texans, voted to pass the proposition and make protecting Life a priority in the upcoming Legislative session. 

Passing by a landslide, this proposition indicates that voters are ready and excited to continue protecting Life, building upon the success of the Texas Heartbeat Act. 

Pro-Lifers have demonstrated that they will continue to show up to the polls to elect courageous leaders who will pass laws that protect innocent Life.

The passage of the Right to Life proposition creates a standard to which Republican voters intend to hold their elected officials. Though an important symbol, the proposition does not actually enact the constitutional amendment described. 

More Pro-Life action will be required to turn this proposition into enforceable, Life-saving legislation. 

Despite Pro-Life progress, the abortion industry is relentless. 

The growing trend of chemical abortion pills being shipped in the mail, often from overseas, with little to no oversight is a rapidly growing problem that needs to be addressed. 

Even if Roe is overturned, the fight to protect Life will not be over. Pro-Lifers will have to continue to adapt to new and developing attacks on Life. 

The most effective way to actually save lives is to cut off the problem at the source, by driving the abortion industry out of Texas. 

The threat of lawsuits through the civil enforcement mechanism of the Texas Heartbeat Act has caused abortionists to dramatically cut their business. The civil liability mechanism must be retained and applied to all Pro-Life laws to remind abortionists that Pro-Life Texans will hold them accountable for every innocent life. 

Texans will need to work hard to build a truly Pro-Life, post-Roe Texas. Pro-Life lawmakers will need to pass legislation that equips women and families to choose Life for their children. The state will need to value and cherish these children, investing in adoption services and other resources to help them achieve long-term financial success and to mitigate the economic factors that drive women to seek abortion. 

Texas Right to Life thanks everyone who voted to protect innocent Life in the Republican primary. 

Yet, the fight is not over! 

Runoff elections will be May 24. The General election will be on November 8. 

Keep making your voice heard by electing legislators who will pass effective, Life-saving policies and who will seek to drive the abortion industry out of Texas.

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