Representative Stephanie Klick is a Hero for Preborn Babies, Vulnerable Patients

Stephanie Klick is spearheading Right to Life efforts in the State Capitol in Austin! 

Texas can lead the nation in overturning Roe v. Wade, and this all starts with committee chairmen. These people are critical to getting life-saving bills to the House floor for a vote.

Representative Stephanie Klick is the first committee chair in Texas HISTORY to hold a hearing on EVERY Pro-Life Priority Bill!

As chair of the House Committee on Public Health, Chairwoman Klick presided over an eight-hour hearing, during which the committee considered testimony on Pro-Life bills that protect the unborn as well as hospitalized patients. Last week, Chairwoman Klick led the committee to pass 12 Pro-Life bills out of that committee to advance through the legislative process. 

One of these bills will ban every abortion in Texas within the next four years – the strongest Pro-Life bill to be passed by a House committee since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. 

Other Pro-Life bills Chairwoman Klick and the committee heard last week include: 

  • Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (HB 3218): bans discriminatory abortions that are motivated by the sex, race, or potential disability of the preborn child; 
  • Texas Heartbeat Act (HB 1515): bans abortion after the preborn child’s heartbeat is detectable; 
  • HB 2337: Klick’s own bill to more closely monitor abortion-inducing drugs; and 
  • Texas Abolition Strategy (HB 3760): bans every single elective abortion in Texas within four years, leading the charge to overturn Roe v. Wade

In addition to her important work protecting human Life in the womb, Chairwoman Klick has served as a longtime ally in the battle to protect vulnerable patients in Texas hospitals. Her personal experience as a registered nurse cemented her commitment to advocate for patients facing the deadly 10-Day Rule. Chair Klick has firsthand seen the obstacles families face when transferring their ailing loved one to a new facility, and thus is dedicated to changing the current law. She has been a stalwart supporter of legislation that would provide more protections for patients facing involuntary withdrawal and denial of medical care. 

In 2017, Representative Klick carried a bill to ban dismemberment abortions. When House leadership blocked her bill, she found another avenue to ensure that preborn children were protected from the barbaric practice. In this 87th Session, Klick’s own HB 2337 strengthens regulation of abortion-inducing drugs at the state level, a critical response to the Biden administration who is repealing safety standards that protect women from the lies of the abortion industry. 

Chairwoman Klick is a dedicated servant to the Pro-Life cause; she is working daily in the Texas Capitol to represent your Pro-Life values in the Texas Legislature, even utilizing her important platform as chair of the Public Health Committee to pass bills that save lives–born and unborn.