Recap: Annual educational conference of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Texas Right to Life was fortunate to attend the annual Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference hosted by the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  Hundreds of Pro-Life physicians, medical students, and well-known advocates gathered in Washington, DC, to learn and interact.

The weekend was packed with informative talks aimed at educating the medical community of the latest and most pertinent technologies and issues in medicine regarding Life.  Speakers included women’s health champion Dr. Thomas Hilgers of the Pope Paul VI Institute; Drs. George Delgado, Matthew Harrison, and Mary Davenport, who developed a highly successful protocol to reverse the effects of the RU-486 abortion drug; and respected neonatologist Dr. Marty McCaffrey, who is dedicated to preventing preterm birth and caring for the babies who are born long before their due dates.

Other respected physicians spoke on topics ranging from adolescent sexuality, the psychological effects of abortion on victims’ siblings, the well-established links between abortion and breast cancer, the science of fetal pain, maternal mortality, and many other topics.  In addition to the many physicians in attendance, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life was present for the entire weekend, offering Mass to attendees on Sunday morning, and providing much-needed guidance to medical students who sought his counsel and insight throughout the weekend.  Esther Stanard, founder of Miscarriage Matters, Inc., was also invited to share with the medical community the importance of offering solace and support to mothers who receive the tragic news that their child in utero has passed away.

Many medical students and physicians expressed that they are often faced with hostility toward their Pro-Life views in the medical community, and they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to interact with other medical professionals who share their values.  One student told us that she would leave renewed and full of hope after being encouraged and mentored by physicians who face similar challenges and remain true to Pro-Life principles.

As an added bonus to the phenomenal weekend, hospitality at Georgetown was exceptional, and attendees were well-fed and cared-for by friendly staff who went above and beyond to provide the best experience possible for guests.  All-in-all, the conference struck the ideal balance between education, fellowship, enjoyment, and conviction to go back into the world and make a difference for Life.