Reach Pro-Life, Pro-Family Hispanic voters

Friend —

Wendy Davis wants President Obama to come to Texas.

She hopes that he will rally Hispanics to vote for her because somehow she thinks she and he represent their values.

What an insult to a community who values life and family above all.  Wendy and her ilk are so out of touch with voters who hold faith and family dear.

Texas Right to Life ran a series of ads in districts with large Hispanic and Latino populations. Our cutting-edge ads exposed the relationship between high power Democrats and abortion, and guess what happened: those Latinos who heard our ads voted Pro-Life in the primary election season.

The media was shocked. And truthfully, I was shocked, too, but so pleased.

Wendy Davis and her cohorts received less votes than they ever imagined in Hispanic areas because Texans who believe in Life vote Pro-Life.

But in order to repeat this success from the primary, we must remind all Texans about extremist abortion activists like Wendy Davis.

Here's the plan: With only 12 days before the election, we plan to strategically BLITZ the airwaves in these same areas so that voters of Hispanic descent will know who is Pro-Life and who is the enemy of Life!

Friend, these ads are tested and true. And they work!

But, as you surely know, this is an extremely expensive undertaking. Will you commit, right now, to chip-in $125 or more to sponsor our Pro-Life radio ad blitz?

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We have real proof that we can turn the election in districts people told us we could NEVER win.

Step up for Life, once again, and join us to protect innocent human beings — the unborn, sick, disabled, and elderly — with your immediate contribution.

Thank you, in advance, for all you do for Life at this urgent moment.

Yours for Life,