Reach Pro-Life, Pro-Family Hispanic voters

Friend —

Anti-Life Democrats are hiding their anti-Life agenda from Hispanic voters.

That's because they know that Pro-Life Texans vote Pro-Life — including Hispanic Democrats!

I learned this when Texas Right to Life ran radio ads during the primary — in English and Spanish — in Democrat strongholds. To our surprise, Hispanic Democrats voted for Life! We were told this would NEVER happen and even the media is STILL in denial.

And we're about to do it again. You know how Texas is changing but one thing that is NOT changing is our respect and protection of Life. But new Texan voters need to hear from us right now.  And Hispanic voters need to know about the hidden anti-Life Democrat agenda!

That's why our emergency radio ads are so effective! These ads will TURN THE TIDE for Life as Texas grows. But anti-Life Democrats will NOT give up without a fight.

We must protect Life by reaching more Hispanic voters right now by exposing anti-Life Democrats. Friend, our strategy works. But these ads are very expensive. We cannot wait. They must run for the next 72 hours, day and night.

Will you expose anti-Life Democrats and their anti-Life agenda by sponsoring these ads with an urgent contribution of $100 or more right now?






Or donate another amount:

I will NOT wake-up on Wednesday morning wishing I had done more to protect Life as we head into 2016. The future of Texas is truly at stake — now more than ever — and we have no time to waste.

Turn the tide, protect Life, and sponsor the emergency Pro-Life radio ads and expose the anti-Life Democrat agenda right now.

Yours for Life,