Reach Pro-Life, Pro-Family Hispanic voters

Friend —

The warnings are true: We will lose every single Pro-Life law that protects the lives of babies, the infirm and the elderly, if Texas becomes a battleground state.  The pro-death progressives plan to turn Texas into California just as they did Colorado, which used to be a very conservative state.

Right now, anti-Life Democrats are growing their influence, toiling day and night to build a permanent political infrastructure to flip Texas. To accomplish this feat, they count on Hispanics to vote for them, even trying to bring President Obama to the border region in Texas!  

But they hide their anti-Life record from Hispanics, who self-identify as very Pro-Life!

They know that Pro-Life Texans — Hispanic, black, Asian, or white — vote Pro-Life! And we learned this a few months ago when we ran ads in deeply Hispanic Democrat areas. After our ads ran, more Pro-Life votes were cast than anyone believed possible.

We beat the odds! The media was — and remain — in vehement denial, and I was shocked.

That's why Texas Right to Life is going to do it again! We will run emergency radio ads in English and Spanish because when Pro-Life Hispanics learn that Democrats are NOT Pro-Life, they vote for the Pro-Life candidates!

Right now, we have powerful new Pro-Life women who will be elected if we run these ads non-stop before Election Day.

This is extremely expensive but critical. If we fall behind now, there won’t be enough time to catch up.

Will you chip-in $100 or more to put our ads on the air so Pro-Life Texans who have never before been reached learn the truth about anti-Life candidates who hide their ugly record?

Chip in $65 immediately >>

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I know you're like me: We cannot let Texas become a pro-death battleground blue state this year, next year, or at any time! I will NEVER have to say I regret I didn't do anything to keep our Texas the reddest of the red Pro-Life strongholds.

Join me, and make sure our emergency radio ads reach-out to Texans so they hear the truth about their anti-Life candidates and choose the Pro-Life alternatives by sponsoring our emergency radio ads right now.

Yours for Life,