Reach Pro-Life, Pro-Family Hispanic voters

Friend —

I just received an email from anti-Life Democrats who they think will turn Texas against Life.

I'm sure I wasn't supposed to see that email. In it, it said, “Our work to foster a culture of voting is bearing fruit in places like McAllen, Brownsville, and Harlingen.”

I'm not going to let that happen because Texas Right to Life knows that the Hispanic vote is NOT on their side.

A few months ago we ran radio ads in deeply Democrat and Latino districts that exposed the Democrats' plans against Life.

Guess what happened: we changed the direction of the vote. Everyone said we couldn't do it. The media was surprised and, frankly, I was too. That's because Texans who believe in Life, vote Pro-Life.

But we only have 9 days to expose anti-Life Democrats to all Pro-Life Texans in the deep blue districts of Texas.

We want to run our effective radio ads again, but advertising is extremely expensive. They are ready to go if you are. Will you commit $100 or more right now so we have the resources make sure our ads expose anti-Life politicians before election day?

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for Pro-Lifers across Texas that will impact elections right now and even in 2016!

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Yours for Life,