Pussycat Dolls singer reveals the frequency of coerced abortion in Hollywood: many women told to abort or “lose your job”

Hollywood celebrities are known for partnering with America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, and pushing an anti-Life message through music and film.  Thankfully, a growing list of stars are sharing their Pro-Life views and speaking out against an industry predominated by anti-Life perspectives.

Last week, Kaya Jones, a singer for the group the Pussycat Dolls, sat down for an interview with MRC Culture to share her Pro-Life views.  Kaya is not the only singer from the Pussycat Dolls to speak in defense of the preborn.  Fellow Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, who is also the star of Disney’s Moana, revealed the struggles she had in accepting an acting role for a part that conflicted with her Pro-Life views.  She also spoke about her own birth to a teen mom as part of the inspiration for her Pro-Life values.

Kaya, who has been criticized for her outspokenly conservative and Pro-Life views before, was candid about the dangers she sees in Hollywood pushing an anti-Life message.  In addition to the media produced with an agenda, Kaya told MRC Culture that the anti-Life attitude affects the lives of young women who work in Hollywood.  She said, “I know personally with people that I have been in business with, that have been affected by it, and have been asked to do things that they don’t want to do.”

Kaya added an example of a friend in the entertainment industry who underwent an abortion at a young age.  Kaya explained, “She actually went forward with something because it was told ‘you were going to lose your job’ and she did that.”  Later, the same friend discovered she was pregnant with another child.  By this point, she had married the father of her children and was unwilling to follow through with the abortion.  Because she chose Life, Kaya says, “She was subsequently fired for having a baby.”  Kaya continued, “She’s now married, has a beautiful child and that child would’ve – and does – have a sibling.  It’s just not here.”

Kaya’s stark portrayal of the pressure women in Hollywood face to choose abortion in times of crisis is disturbing.  Other people in the entertainment industry have told similarly shocking stories of coercion.  For many women outside of Hollywood, coerced abortions are also a much more common reality than many people realize.  Exact statistics are unknown, but studies indicate that as many as 64% of abortions involve some form of pressure to commit the abortion.  Anxious parents or boyfriends sometimes exert emotional pressure on the mother to choose abortion as “the easy way out” of a crisis pregnancy.  And, although illegal, employers sometimes threaten to fire women if they do not choose abortion.

Kaya shows courage in speaking openly about the anti-Life agenda in Hollywood culture.  Sharing the heartbreaking stories of coerced abortion she witnessed shows the devastating results of the culture of death.  If we unthinkingly endorse an entertainment industry that pushes abortion and works to advance the goals of America’s largest abortion business, we contribute to the destruction of lives.  Mothers and babies are the ultimate victims, whether in Hollywood or in our own communities.

You can watch Kaya’s full interview on the MRC Culture website.