Protect Lives! Protect our Freedom of Speech to criticize politicians!

Friend —

I typically don't email to you on Sunday, but there's a lawsuit that involves Texas Right to Life that could impact the entire conservative movement’s right to free speech across the nation.

Here's what happened:

During the last election cycle, the Texas Right to Life Committee aired a radio ad that exposed an entrenched politician for authoring legislation that gave hospitals increased authority to deny and remove life-saving treatment from patients against their will — even patients who could pay, never mind their desire to live.

When we ran our powerful radio ad, this politician abused his elected position to bully the radio stations and threaten legal action if the ads were not cancelled! Until our attorney clarified to the stations that our ads should and must stay on the air, the stations paused our ads for 36 hours, costing us money, time, and resources. It wasn’t until much later that station managers confirmed our ads were entirely legal!

This is an assault on the very root of Democracy and freedom! Can I count on you to defend our case with a major year-end contribution right now?

When a politician can sue someone for criticizing him or her — not to mention for informing constituents about his or her voting record — our nation has crossed a dangerous line. Yes, this is real, and this is happening in Texas and to Texas Right to Life.

And there may be no return if we allow this to continue. Our freedom of speech to protect Lives could be extinguished.

Will you have our back? This case has national implications for everyone's freedom of speech.

Please click and follow this link to protect innocent human Lives and our Freedom of Speech and contribute $125, $300, $550, $1,500, $3,000 or even $5,000.

Do not let Planned Parenthood and anti-Life political bullies threaten us or try to shut us down, especially now that we are thrashing them at the ballot box.

We are through being bullied by entrenched politicians, especially the ones who lose.

Stand with Texas Right to Life. Donate right now.

Yours for Life,