Protect Lives! Protect our Freedom of Speech to criticize politicians!

Friend —

Norma McCorvey sent you an email. Did you see it?

As you know, she was known as Jane Doe from Roe v Wade before she changed her mind about abortion. She is now an advocate for Life like you and me.

She accurately stated the urgent crisis that Texas Right to Life faces — in fact it's a crisis the entire Pro-Life movement faces — because a politician successfully blocked our radio ads that exposed his voting record to the voters.

This cost us time, money and resources that could have been spent exposing anti-Life politicians. Now we're forced to go to court to fight for free speech.

Our court date is right around the corner and I need to know if you'll have our back at this critical moment.

Will you chip-in with your year-end contribution of $150 or more to Texas Right to Life and stand for Life, once again?

Our goal by Midnight tonight is $28,400. In only two days, Texans have rallied by our side and we are now short $8,627. Will you help us bridge this gap?

We depend on support from you and people like you to fight for the innocent human lives, vulnerable women, and the elderly and the sick. We do this by fighting politicians who would do anything they can to keep us quiet. We shine the light in the dark corners they hide in.

We only have a few more hours! Rally with other Pro-Life Texans and send a message to Planned Parenthood and anti-Life politicians that Texas is Pro-Life!

Click and follow this link to protect freedom of speech and make your year-end contribution of $150, $325, $550, $1,250 or even $3,750 or more.

Yours for Life,