Protect Lives! Protect our Freedom of Speech to criticize politicians!

Friend —

I spoke with Jim and Elizabeth Graham.

They told me about the lawsuit that involves Texas Right to Life. Texans are beginning to rally by their side. I already know about this because the national Pro-Life movement is watching this case VERY close.

During the election, Texas Right to Life exposed the deadly anti-Life record of a politician through a radio ad. That politician threatened to sue the radio stations and Texas Right to Life if the ad was not dropped. This cost Texas Right to Life valuable time, money and resources that could have been spent on other important races.

This abuse of power MUST NOT go unchecked! Politicians should NEVER sue citizens for exposing their record on Life!

This is so important to me because babies' lives are on the line. We need to send a message that says: politicians who threaten to silence Pro-Lifers will NEVER be tolerated!

You know me. I'm Jane Roe, from Roe v Wade. I changed my life and my opinion about abortion years ago. Today, my life's work is dedicated to protecting the innocent unborn, like Jim and Elizabeth and the staff at Texas Right to Life do. That's why I ask you to financially support Texas Right to Life at this critical moment.

Pro-Lifers across the country MUST NOT LOSE THIS CASE!  We're not the only ones watching. Planned Parenthood is watching, too. And imagine how other politicians will abuse their power to halt Pro-Life television and radio ads when voters need to see them most.

Pitch-in and support Texas Right to Life with an immediate contribution of $100 or more.

Jim told me they must raise $28,400 by the end of this year — that's only today and tomorrow! Will you join with me and make sure they meet this urgent goal?

If so, please click and follow this link to donate $150, $250, $600, $1,200 or $4,000 or more.

Texas Right to Life stands at the tip of the spear in our nation's fight for Life. Pro-Lifers — and most definitely the unborn — need them to be victorious. Bring them to victory with your year-end donation right now.

Thank you, in advance, for financially supporting Texas Right to Life. This is urgent. Donate now.