Protect Lives and end the political career of Wendy Davis!

Friend —
In our Pro-Life battle, you and I both know we must first halt the advance of the enemies of Life before we can move forward with our work to save babies.

That's why Wendy Davis must be stopped. And stopped for good.

Wendy Davis became a media darling because of one thing and one thing only: her famed 11-hour filibuster of our Pro-Life Omnibus. She is their warrior on the tip of their anti-Life spear.

Help us stop Wendy while we still are able. Donate $100 or more right now.
While Wendy has written her autobiography to try and spin her story, we don’t know what to believe about her past. Like Barack Obama, much of what she writes doesn’t match up with confirmed facts from other objective sources.

What we do know for certain is that Ms. Davis has never missed an opportunity in the Texas State Senate to advance the culture of death and oppose the defense of innocent human life.

The manufactured meteoric rise of her political career must come to an end.

With your support, Texas Right to Life is making sure that a tremendous group of new Pro-Life women will be elected this November. But the media is desperate to create another Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, or Hillary Clinton to fight our new Pro-Life women leaders. This is our best shot to stop a rising star of the Left before it’s too late.
Immediately contribute $25, $100, $250, or $2,000 directly to our work to end the political career of Wendy Davis.

Wendy’s defeat must be so pronounced that no matter what Rachel Maddow and all the Queen’s horsemen at MSNBC do, they will not be able to ever put Wendy back together again. Wendy must never be able to again stop the Pro-Life advance in Texas or anywhere.

Let Wendy run off next month in her pink sneakers to New York City to host a cable show or D.C. to become a lobbyist.

For the little ones, the sick, the infirm and the elderly,  we must stop Wendy from becoming our Texas governor. Donate right now.

Yours for Life,