Prosecuted for free speech


Moderate Republicans in our own State Legislature are using the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) to threaten our freedom of speech.

Despite having no constitutional authority, the TEC claims that if an organization scores a legislator and shares how they voted with other Texans, then that organization’s staff must register with the government.

Failure to comply could result in a fine and even imprisonment!

This is a fundamental attack on the very core of our freedom and democracy.

The RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are desperate to silence our growing, vocal, winning Resistance.

Texas Right to Life proudly scores every legislator so you and all Pro-Life Texans know which legislators are Pro-Life and which legislators are posers.

We were happy to expose how FORMER State Senators Bob Deuell and John Carona voted in the recent primary.

Don't worry, we will NEVER ask the government for permission to do our work in Texas.

Never have. Never will.

That's why conservative forces in Texas must unite to speak out about what our elected officials are really doing in Austin!

This Wednesday, June 25th, the Texas Ethics Commission is hauling in Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, one of our core, conservative allies, and putting them on trial.

They're being prosecuted because they informed Texans how legislators voted.

RINOs are feeling the heat and want to send a message to Texans to stay quiet about how they vote or suffer prosecution.

Friend, we are in a VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION if the progressives and the TEC have their way to silence Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas Right to Life, or any conservative organization.

Will you join other Pro-Lifers at the Texas Capitol on Wednesday, June 25th, to fight back and support our friends from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility?

Our fight is gaining steam as I write to you.

Ted Cruz responded to the government's obscene threats and wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

“No politician should be immune from criticism. [Government] should never have the power to silence citizens.”

The trial will occur in the Texas Capitol at 8:30 am, in the John H. Reagan Building Room 120. This building is part of the Capitol complex on the north side of the Capitol grounds at 15th Street.

Please forward this email to EVERY Pro-Lifer you know and ask them to reply to if they plan to attend so we can know who will stand with us.

We will NOT be silenced by a group of faceless, unelected bureaucrats.

We NEVER back down from a fight.

The war for the soul of Texas rages.

Yours for Life,