#ProLifePictureDay celebrations across Texas


Students from 13 universities across Texas celebrated Pro-Life Picture Day this October to demonstrate the diversity of the Pro-Life movement.  Pro-Life student organizations set up photo stations on campus and asked passersby to pose with a sign and fill in the blank: “I’m a Pro-Life _____.”  Young men and women described themselves as Pro-Life minorities, biology majors, feminists, future nurses, leaders, Christians, atheists, libertarians, writers, former fetuses, and more!  Follow the hashtag #ProLifePictureDay to see this diligent generation of Pro-Life millennials.

Texas Right to Life’s Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows regularly encounter students who believe abortion is wrong but mistakenly think that there is not a place for them in the Pro-Life cause.  Pro-Life groups dispel this myth by attentively and creatively educating their peers, inviting diverse bioethics speakers, challenging people to support pregnant and parenting student scholarships for their peers, and hosting events such as Pro-Life Picture Day.  Events like this welcome people from all backgrounds and unite them on the common ground of Pro-Life activism.

The brainchild of several students at Texas A&M in 2016, Pro-Life Picture day has grown into an annual state-wide event on the second Thursday of every October.  Texas Right to Life intends to help students out of state lead the event next year, as well.  If you would like to prepare a group for Pro-Life Picture day in the future, please contact Texas Right to Life for a free #ProLifePictureDay packet.

Did your alma mater participate?  View the list below or click here to view the album of photos!

Abilene Christian University
Baylor University
LeTourneau University
Our Lady of the Lake University
Sam Houston State University
Southern Methodist University
St. Mary’s University
Texas A&M International University
Texas A&M University
Texas Tech University
University of Dallas
University of St. Thomas
University of Texas


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