ProLife Champion: Chiefs’ Game-Winning Kicker is an Outspoken Voice for the Unborn

Harrison Butker is a man of many talents, but perhaps his greatest is his unwavering faith in God. The Kansas City Chiefs kicker is not only known for his impressive skills on the field, but also for his deep commitment to his Christian beliefs. Throughout his career, he has been an outspoken advocate for Pro-Life values, and he has used his platform to spread a message of the dignity of human Life.

Butker’s faith was put to the test this past season when he suffered an injury to his left ankle during the first game of the year. The setback forced him to miss four games and resulted in the poorest regular season of his career. However, Butker did not let the disappointment get him down. “I tried to keep the faith, kept working on my technique, didn’t give up,” Butker previously told WDAF-TV.

Butker’s Super Bowl journey mirrored his entire season. In the first quarter, the kicker missed a 42-yard field goal that would have given the Chiefs a 10-7 lead early in the game. Butker lifted the Chiefs to a 38-35 victory over the Eagles with a 27-yard field goal in the final seconds of Super Bowl LVIl on Sunday.

“You just got to go out and focus on what you can control — and I kind of had the easy job there,” Butker reflected. “The offensive line did a great job blocking. Great snap, great hold — and thankfully, that ball went through. All glory to God.”

Butker’s love for God is evident in everything he does. He is a devout Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus, and he has expressed great appreciation for the Traditional Latin Mass.

“Now is the time for you to take up your task, as men of the church to fight this battle for our nation, to bring Christ back to our daily lives,” the football star said in a September 2020 commencement speech at the Knights of Columbus College Councils Conference. “Men need to play active roles within our church… Your priests need to hear from you. They need to see you. Other men need to see you.”

He is one of the most vocal Christian athletes in the NFL, using his platform to promote Pro-Life values.

Last fall, Butker filmed a tv commercial in support of the “Value Them Both Amendment” in Kansas. The ballot proposition aimed to clarify that the Kansas state constitution does not contain a right to abortion. Butker’s message was simple and powerful: all human life is valuable and deserving of protection, regardless of age, race, or circumstance.

Butker’s unwavering determination reminds us that no matter what obstacles we face, we can overcome them by relying on God.

Whether he is kicking a field goal or promoting the Right to Life, Butker’s character is a testament to the power of prayer and faith. He is a true leader, both on and off the field, and a role model for athletes everywhere. Harrison Butker’s legacy will live on as a champion of faith and Life.

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