Pro-Lifers stage massive rally at Texas Capitol

Friend —

The media won’t tell you about this but Pro-Lifers are staging one of the largest rallies for Life, as I write this to you, at the Texas Capitol that I’ve ever witnessed!

I posted a quick video scan of the huge crowd.

Senator Donna Campbell, who is a doctor, is speaking to the crowd in the video.

Here’s what she says:

“The abortion industry is born out of the death of unborn babies … there is life in the womb … no baby chooses pain! Texas is about life! We support life, not with a clinched fist, but with an open heart. It is essential that we #stand4life! God bless Texas!”

Mike Huckabee also spoke and reminded everyone in the crowd that:

“The eyes of America are on Texas right now! The idea that one person can own another person is repulsive. With that, so is the idea that one person can kill another. Every life has value! We must place value on all life. I will not rest, I will not allow my voice to be silent when our country’s most vulnerable are being killed.”

While we are making a huge stand today, the fight continues tomorrow at 5am and I need every willing Pro-Lifer to meet us in Austin for an important hearing that will advance Pro-Life legislation.

Please contact us at 713-782-5433 for details and if you have any questions.

For Life,

Jim Graham
Executive Director, Texas Right to Life