Pro-Lifers Rally in Houston After HB2 Decision

In the wake of Judge Lee Yeakel’s Monday’s ruling on sections of Texas’ historic Pro-Life Omnibus Bill (HB2), Texas Right to Life partnered with Lifehouse of Houston and Students for Life of America in hosting a press conference Wednesday morning at Houston’s Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast to clarify the current state of HB2’s implementation.  Emily Horne and Melissa Conway of Texas Right to Life, Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America, Honorable Steve Toth (R- Texas House of Representatives, District 15), Courtney Abernathy of I Am Whole Life, and others spoke to the media and pro-lifers assembled in prayer in front of the largest abortion clinic in America.  
On Monday, Judge Yeakel deemed unconstitutional the section of HB2 which requires abortionists to secure admitting privileges at a nearby hospital as a safety precaution in case complications arise during or after an abortion.  Kristan Hawkins opened the press conference by explaining that this clause is a common sense measure offering protection that should be non-negotiable.  She pointed out that admitting privileges are not hard to obtain, stating that physicians do not need extraordinary qualifications to secure admitting privileges.  In most cases, physicians simply need proper board certifications and a history free of serious medical malpractice to be eligible for admitting privileges.  
Hawkins remarks mirror those of abortionist Dr. Paul Fine who said as much in his testimony during the HB2 trial in Austin.
Houston’s own Dr. Kathryn Karges, an OB/GYN affiliated with St. Joseph’s hospital, echoed Hawkins’ comments regarding admitting privileges.  Dr. Karges noted:
All we’re asking for with this bill is protection and correct care for women: appropriate medical care. Women don’t deserve any less, and really this bill is just seeking to protect women and everybody here in Houston.
Dr. Karges recounted that during her time at St. Joseph’s she has seen quite a few women who had undergone abortions at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and needed follow-up care, which was not available through Planned Parenthood itself.  She emphasized that the surgeons at Planned Parenthood should be equipped to address the emergency issues associated with abortion.
Planned Parenthood has made an effort to promote the false notion that Judge Yeakel’s ruling was the final word on HB2’s implementation.  But Melissa Conway, on behalf of Texas Right to Life, made the following statement:
Despite the headlines that may have focused on the portions of the law that are now temporarily in question, [T]he passage of HB2 was a firm and swift strike against the killing of innocent pre-born babies in Texas. Yesterday was a defining moment. Yesterday marked the beginning of a ban on elective abortions on pre-born children at five months. This is the point of development when these babies feel pain. This ban, unchallenged even by the pro-aborts is a historic step in HB2 becoming law, reflecting the true voice of the majority of Texans, the true acknowledgement of the value of the sanctity of life. The lawsuit did, however, challenge the provisions of the law that raise the medical standards of abortion providers. Yeakel’s decision has once again affirmed the abortionists’ desire to protect their own personal bottom lines and their financial gain. Even though Yeakel’s ruling places two parts of the pro-life law on hold, the decision is not final. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott confirmed that he and his capable team of attorneys will immediately take action – and that’s precisely what they did.”