Pro-Lifers cruise with Dewhurst

Some in the race for U.S. Senate are challenging Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst's Pro-Life credentials. That's why Texas Right to Life PAC is highlighting his Pro-Life accomplishments while serving Texas.

David Dewhurst was one of the first candidates of the 2012 election cycle to be early endorsed for U.S. Senate by Texas Right to Life PAC. Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, emphasized that Dewhurst “has carried the water for the Pro-Life cause since he was first elected. Even as Land Commissioner, he let us know that he was willing and eager to promote the Pro-Life cause in any way he could. Dewhurst’s record on Pro-Life issues is unquestionable and unmatched by anyone else in the race for US Senate.”

Below are highlights from Dewhurst’s tenure as Lieutenant Governor since 2003. Dewhurst was instrumental in passing the following Pro-Life legislation:

— The Woman’s Right to Know Act in 2003, which requires a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion.

— The Prenatal Protection Act of 2003, which protects unborn children from the moment of fertilization in the Texas criminal code. Consequently, when pregnant women are assaulted, the law now recognizes two victims of state crimes.

— Strengthened Parental Involvement Laws for teen abortions in 2005.

— A final 2005 state budget that included funding allocations for alternatives to abortion, making Texas the 10th state to offer such a program.

— Increased the funding to abortion alternatives in 2009.

— The 2011 landmark Sonogram Law.

— A 2011 state budget that redirected $64.2 million away from the abortion industry, directly resulting in 12 Planned Parenthood closures.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of Dewhurst’s Pro-Life accomplishments, said Graham: “Even when Pro-Life measures did not pass, Dewhurst was doing everything he could to shepherd Pro-Life bills to a final vote. Dewhurst has achieved an impressive Pro-Life track record, and we are confident that he possesses the much-needed values and leadership for a United States Senator.”