Pro-Lifer sued by Planned Parenthood for releasing video footage: "Game on, Planned Parenthood"

Center for Medical Progress leader David Daleiden is being sued by Planned Parenthood, which is tenuously claiming that the manner in which the CMP obtained their undercover footage was illegal (note: Planned Parenthood is not contesting the content of those videos – because they can’t).

In spite of Planned Parenthood’s laughable attempt to intimidate Pro-Lifers with the lawsuit, Daleiden apparently could not be more tickled that the project has finally resulted in legal pushback from Planned Parenthood.  “Game on,” Daleiden told BuzzFeed News.  “I look forward to taking the depositions of all the Planned Parenthood CEOs who profited off of their business relationship with StemExpress.”

Until now, only Planned Parenthood’s disgraced comrades, StemExpress and the National Abortion Federation, have brought legal action against CMP.  Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, has been busy playing defense and clean-up since the videos began trickling out.  They’ve also experimented with pathetic attempts at deflection and playing offense.  Maybe having a breather from all the congressional scrutiny that came in the immediate aftermath of the video releases emboldened Planned Parenthood to take their own legal action.  However, the lawsuit promises to be a spectacle – and not one that will be beneficial to Planned Parenthood’s wounded PR department.

Pro-Life legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom notes that Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against CMP is actually good news to Pro-Lifers.  Not only will the lawsuit keep Planned Parenthood’s organ-harvesting atrocities in the spotlight, but the lawsuit also gives CMP an opportunity to draw more damning testimony out of Planned Parenthood in depositions.  Stay tuned into Texas Right to Life for updates.