Pro-Lifer Shot While Advocating for Life

An 84-year-old Michigan Pro-Lifer was shot last week while distributing Pro-Life materials door-to-door. The elderly woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was shot from behind as she was returning to her car. She was hit in the shoulder, but was still able to escape and drove herself to the police station. From there she was taken to the hospital.  

The woman, a Michigan Right to Life volunteer, was advocating against “Proposal 3,” an amendment that would enshrine the killing of babies through abortion into the state constitution.

Local news reported that the woman was handing out pamphlets and was then shot after getting into a “verbal altercation.” According to a press release from Michigan Right to Life the elderly volunteer “was shot in the back/shoulder while leaving a residence during a heated conversation.”

Michigan Right to Life also states that the Pro-Lifer has been released from the hospital and “is at home recovering and in good spirits. She should be OK.”

Anna Visser of Michigan Right to Life explained the incident, “One of the ladies that lived at the house got upset and started screaming at her. This volunteer walked away, was walking back to her car, and a man from the house came out and shot her in the back.” Visser added that, “no one should be threatened like this or shot at or potentially killed for exercising their freedom of speech.”

We commend this brave Pro-Life woman for standing up for Life and pray for her complete and speedy recovery. We also applaud all who courageously defend the preborn and vulnerable in a broken world that very often does not value Life.

We must not allow these acts of hate and violence to intimidate or scare us out of our firm conviction to protect the weak and defenseless. 

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