Pro-Life Wins from Election Day 2016

President of the United States

In what has been an incredibly unconventional election cycle, America soundly rejected the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in modern history.   Thankfully, Hillary Clinton will not advance her extremist views of taxpayer-funded abortions for any reason and at any stage of development to our nation’s highest judicial bench.

“Texas Right to Life is encouraged and confident the administration of Donald Trump and Mike Pence will develop and move strong Pro-Life policies.  Mr. Trump has repeatedly confirmed that his judicial appointees will follow the Constitution narrowly.  Mr. Trump and his advisors are committed to addressing the injustice of late abortion,” President of Texas Right to Life, James Graham, commented.

Indeed, last night’s electoral outcome prevented the largest abortion businesses’ greatest supporter from taking the world’s highest office.  Countless lives will undoubtedly be saved due to this historic election.

Harris County District Attorney

In Harris County, an elected official who has twice broken campaign promises and irreparably harmed the Pro-Life movement has been removed from office.  Republican-poser District Attorney Devon Anderson lost her re-election bid for a second full term.  Devon Anderson and her staff attorneys failed to indict late-term Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen after Karpen maimed women and killed babies born alive.  In 2015, Devon Anderson’s office once again botched criminal proceedings against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for selling the body parts of aborted children for profit.  Instead, Anderson’s office indicted the two undercover journalists who documented Planned Parenthood’s grotesque acts.

Once again, voters and activists have rejected elected officials who break campaign promises, regardless of party affiliation.

Texas Right to Life PAC aired radio ads and sent mail opposing both Devon Anderson, urging Pro-Life Republican voters to abstain from voting in those two races.

Texas House of Representatives

Two Texas Right to Life PAC-endorsed candidates whose districts were considered swing districts during this election cycle will return to the Texas House of Representatives.  State Representatives Rodney Anderson (R-Grand Prairie) and Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving) were two of only six legislative races deemed competitive in the general election.  Texas Right to Life is thankful Representatives Anderson and Rinaldi will be back to protect the sanctity of Life during the 2017 85th Session of the Texas Legislature.