Pro-Life Victories at the Texas Republican Convention

The 2020 Republican Party of Texas (RPT) State Convention was an extraordinary occasion, to say the least. After three days of in-person committee meetings to discuss the RPT’s temporary rules, platform, and legislative priorities, the rest of the convention was conducted virtually due to the last-minute cancellation of the convention contract by Sylvester Turner, the pro-abortion Democratic mayor of Houston. However, despite the recurring technical difficulties and incessant delays, you and other faithful Pro-Life delegates were able to secure several significant victories!

1. Strong Abolition of Abortion language adopted as a legislative priority

Delegates adopted a clear “Abolition of Abortion” resolution as a legislative priority. The Legislative Priorities Committee heard hours of testimony from grassroots activists urging the party to be bolder in our legislative and legal advocacy for the preborn. Seventy-three percent of the thousands of delegates urged Republican state lawmakers to prioritize ending abortion during the 87th Session of the Texas Legislature.

2. Repeal of the anti-Life 10-Day Rule listed in the top 15 legislative priorities

For the first time, repealing the anti-Life 10-Day Rule was discussed as a potential legislative priority for the RPT. The Legislative Priorities Committee heard powerful testimony in support of repealing this unconstitutional and dangerous law, and ultimately included the resolution in the top 15 legislative priorities. The vocal grassroots members of the Republican Party were crystal clear in highlighting the need to eliminate the anti-Life 10-Day Rule during the upcoming legislative session next year.

3. Stronger platform drafted, though not yet finalized

Although final debate and adoption of the platform is delayed until the convention reconvenes at an undetermined date, thus far the platform is stronger than ever on Life issues. A plank was added affirming the party’s support of local ordinances in which cities prohibit abortion facilities from opening in their communities. Another plank was added clarifying the party’s support for eliminating the anti-Life 10-Day Rule and replacing the policy with a Life-affirming law that does not impose a countdown on patients’ lives. Finally, the Platform Committee strengthened the existing plank on protecting Texas patients from a myriad of anti-Life attacks including health care rationing.

4. Discussion about holding our Republican leadership accountable 

As with the platform, final debate and adoption of the Rules is delayed until the convention reconvenes at some point in the future. However, the convention thus far included an important discussion about holding our Republican elected officials accountable to the values of the party, including our Pro-Life values. The Rules Committee debated the strengthening of Rule 44, which governs censure of Republican officials, in order to hold them more firmly accountable to their responsibility of upholding and advancing our party’s platform, principles, and priorities. Ultimately, the reconvened full body of delegates will determine how strong Rule 44 will be going forward.

5. State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) election wins

Five Texas Right to Life PAC-endorsed candidates for SREC were victorious in their elections:

Deborah Kelting – Senate District 7

Tom Nobis – Senate District 7

Rolando Garcia – Senate District 15 

Naomi Narvaiz – Senate District 21

Robin Hayes – Senate District 28

Additionally, Texas Right to Life PAC-endorsed candidate Mark Ramsey was successfully selected as a presidential elector from Congressional District 10. After the General Election in November, he will join Texas’s other electors in voting for President Trump in the Electoral College.

These RPT victories come on the heels of great Pro-Life wins in the Republican Primary Runoff Election on July 14. Both the election of strong Pro-Life officials and the substantive victories from RPT will pave the way for the Pro-Life movement heading into the 2021 legislative session. 

None of these successes would have been possible without YOU! Thank you for your involvement in this months-long process, from the Precinct to Senate District/County to State Convention. Thank you for enduring the long hours and frustrating delays; your patience and determination resulted in these Pro-Life wins. 

Stay tuned for updates on the reconvening of the State Convention and additional Pro-Life victories to be announced at a later date. 



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