Pro-Life Tom Price confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pro-Life Tom Price confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary

Washington, D.C. – February 10, 2017: Texas Right to Life congratulates Representative Tom Price on his confirmation as Health and Human Services Secretary for the Trump administration.  President Trump’s selection of Price, a vocally Pro-Life lawmaker, is good news for the nation.  Among the many campaign promises that contributed to Trump’s victory, his Pro-Life platform was a decisive factor.  Having Price as a Pro-Life presence in the president’s cabinet signals that those campaign promises will become a reality.

President Trump’s nomination and the Senate’s confirmation of one of the most outspoken critics of the Affordable Care Act bodes well.  Pro-Lifers have grave concerns about the Affordable Care Act, particularly the contraception mandate which led to numerous court cases, most famously from Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Texas Right to Life is optimistic that Price, an orthopedic surgeon and longtime advocate of health care reform, will successfully implement President Trump’s campaign promises.  In addition to the pressing legal questions of the HHS Mandate, the Affordable Care Act includes inhumane death panels and sweeping authorization of unelected bureaucrats.  The Obama administration’s unprecedented anti-Life agenda and threats to religious liberty require that the new administration act strategically.  Price is undoubtedly a strong Pro-Life selection to advance the long process of reform.

Still, there is much more that is needed to protect the Right to Life of all people.  Texas Right to Life hopes to see a continued commitment to the Pro-Life movement from the president and his advisers.  In order to protect the Right to Life of the preborn, the president and Congress must ensure that Planned Parenthood no longer receives any taxpayer funding.  Furthermore, we hope to see the conclusion of the ongoing investigations into Planned Parenthood’s criminal activity, so that the preborn and the women betrayed receive justice.  The confirmation of a conservative justice to the Supreme Court would ensure that states can continue their constitutional right to advance Pro-Life measures in their respective jurisdictions.

With so many vital decisions before the president on issues related to the Right to Life, Texas Right to Life is encouraged by the strong Pro-Life conviction of Representative Price.  We hope that the president’s cabinet will contribute to continued Pro-Life reforms throughout Trump’s first term as president.