Pro-Life Students Prove Young People Can Stand for Life

By Loren Levy, Pro-Life Student and Texas Right to Life College Fellow

Last week, a group calling itself the “Progressive Student Union” at the University of Texas Arlington (UTA) held an abortion rally on our campus. 

As the only Pro-Life group on campus, we decided that we needed to be present at the event to show that there are people who believe in the value and sanctity of Life and who stand against abortion. 

We partnered with another organization with conservative values to make posters and gather Pro-Life students to stand up for the preborn. 

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, the pro-abortion demonstrators were angry and shouted just about every cliché “pro-choice” saying there is. Very quickly, their yelling took a disturbing turn from “we support abortion access” to discriminatory and racially motivated slurs directed at us. 

They shouted at us that we don’t have a say on the matter because we’re white. But in reality, a large number of Pro-Lifers there were actually non-white minorities themselves. Even so, not one of the abortion demonstrators explained how our personal ethnicities factor in an issue that is literally about Life and death. 

Though it was apparent that most of the anti-Life demonstrators were not the least bit interested in any civil dialogue, I still consider our presence at the event to be a success. 

Any student watching the scene would have instantly known which side truly values and respects Life. We proved that there are young people who want to protect the preborn and showed bystanders that it is possible to stand up and support Life, even when people try to silence your voice. 

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