Pro-Life Legislator Spotlight: Rep. Matt Rinaldi

In a move not seen too frequently in politics, Representative Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving) actually kept his campaign promises!  The voters of House District 115 should be proud to call him their own.

In his campaign to represent House District 115, an area of the Metroplex covering Irving and Coppell, Representative Rinaldi promised to prioritize Pro-Life issues; he promised to do all he could to protect the preborn, the disabled, and the elderly.  During his first legislative session, Representative Rinaldi was instrumental in ensuring the strongest bill language possible for Pro-Life legislation was debated and passed by the Texas House.

Much of Representative Rinaldi’s work occurred away from the public eye: He participated in many stakeholder meetings and countless huddles on the floor of the Texas House to devise strategy, sponsored several Pro-Life amendments, and provided legal scholarship to other members on the legislative means to advance the Pro-Life cause.  Representative Rinaldi used his skills as a practicing attorney to encourage and educate his colleagues about the constitutionality and practicality of provisions included in House Bill 3994 and SB 575 (which died).  He also voiced opposition to SB 19 that would have restricted the First Amendment rights of Texas Right to Life and political organizations throughout the state.

Throughout the 84th Legislative Session, Texas Right to Life has seen the courage and the principles of some House Republicans who stand for Life; Representative Rinaldi indeed stands for LIFE. 

Representative Rinaldi has demonstrated that his dedication for the Pro-life movement is not merely a checkmark on a campaign flyer; instead, Representative Rinaldi has demonstrated that his tenure in the Texas Legislature will be dedicated to advancing the Pro-Life cause at every opportunity.

Tiny Texans across the state thank you to House District 115 for electing Representative Matt Rinaldi to the State House!