Pro-Life Leaders Victorious Over Fake Conservatives

This week’s Republican primary election brought crucial victories for strong Pro-Life leaders across Texas.

In the Rio Grande Valley, Mayra Flores (CD 34) and Monica De La Cruz (CD 15) won in massive fashion. These women will be key to our Pro-Life campaign to turn the border red in November. Both are strong Pro-Life women whose messages of faith, family, and values are desperately needed in Congress and are connecting extremely well with their majority Hispanic communities. The Valley has long been a Democrat stronghold, but that is changing as more Hispanics are rejecting the Democratic Party’s radically anti-Life policies. Winning the Republican nomination for congressional districts 34 and 15, Flores and de La Cruz are now poised to flip these critical districts red.

Ben Bius (HD 12), Terri Leo Wilson (HD 23), Mike Olcott (HD 60), Jeff Younger (HD 63), Carrie Isaac (HD 73), Stephanie Klick (HD 91), Nate Schatzline (HD 93), and Mark Dorazio (HD 122) each advanced to runoff elections in their respective districts. These champions for the preborn and vulnerable are facing rabid opposition from fake conservatives who seek to subvert Pro-Life progress in Texas. Caroline Harris (HD 52) and Pete Flores (SD 24), who would also be INCREDIBLE lawmakers, face stiff competition in their races.

In the Texas Senate Pro-Life heroes Phil King (SD 10), Mayes Middleton (SD 11), Tan Parker (SD 12) emerged victorious. These candidates have consistently scored 100% on the Pro-Life Scorecard. In the 2021 legislative session, Representative Tan Parker authored a desperately needed bill to overturn the horrific 10-Day Rule which threatens the lives of an untold number of vulnerable Texans each year. Additionally, Kevin Sparks (SD 31), a strong Pro-Life supporter, won his race.

Key Pro-Life leaders in the Texas House also received Republican nomination, including Tom Oliverson (HD 130), Cody Vasut (HD 25), and Matt Schaefer (HD 6). Each one of these representatives scored a 100% on the Pro-Life Scorecard in 2021.  

Thank you for your prayers, support, and votes this past Tuesday. These victories will lead to Texas becoming even more solidly Pro-Life and to continue to lead the Pro-Life movement!

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