Pro-Life investigators win in Houston, but District Attorney may not be finished with anti-Life games

Last week, a Harris County judge accepted District Attorney Devon Anderson’s motion to dismiss felony charges against Pro-Life investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.  Anderson moved to dismiss the charges only after her mishandling of the grand jury came to light.  On July 1, Daleiden’s legal team filed a motion to obtain the identities of the grand jurors and the testimony before the grand jury that levied indictments against Daleiden.

The D.A.’s move to dismiss the remaining felony charges against Daleiden and Merritt may have been an attempt to skirt the motion to release grand jurors’ names and testimony.  In any case, a technicality regarding jurisdiction over the grand jury proceedings (which does illegitimate the indictment) is cited for the dismissal of charges.

At a private meet-and-greet event with Daleiden, Merritt, and their legal team following the felony charge dismissal, Daleiden galvanized attendees to continue fighting the antics of Planned Parenthood, especially here in Texas.  He cited recent news of an ongoing relationship between Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and Baylor College of Medicine which was exposed by the House Congressional panel charged with investigating the federally-funded abortion behemoth’s involvement in the trafficking of baby body parts.  Daleiden encouraged local Pro-Lifers to take a stand, noting that Planned Parenthood has proven they will continue to break the law and commit inhuman actions until Pro-Lifers unite in defunding and closing the business for good.

The recent dismissal was not an assurance that charges could not be refiled against Daleiden and Merritt; a procedural mishap caused the dismissal.  Such a situation is leading some to speculate the office is gunning for a do-over, perhaps after the November election.

Hopefully for Daleiden and Merritt, and other Pro-Life activists, this Houston nightmare has ended for good.