Pro-Life highlights from the first GOP presidential debate

Thursday’s GOP debates touched on subjects important to most Americans: the Right to Life and the future of Planned Parenthood.  Since Planned Parenthood’s despicable fetal body part trafficking operations have come to light across the country, the abortion behemoth has been under intense scrutiny, lending new fervor to the Pro-Life movement and new awareness to the American public of the barbaric nature of abortion.  All of the GOP candidates perceive the importance of the issue to Americans (except Lindsey Graham, who lends lip service to the issue but refused to veer from his campaign trail to show up in D.C. to vote to defund Planned Parenthood last week).

During the debate, Senator Rick Santorum proved that he is audacious in his truth-telling on abortion, describing the graphic nature of partial-birth abortion (which has been banned in the U.S. since the Bush Administration): “These Planned Parenthood tapes, what they’re showing are partial-birth abortions.  Abortions are being done where the baby’s being delivered first, to preserve those organs, and then they crush the skull.”

Governor Mike Huckabee alluded to the Planned Parenthood scandal, and also illustrated in graphic terms the reality of what the abortion industry is doing.  He said: “It’s time that we recognize the Supreme Court is not the supreme being, and we change the policy to be Pro-Life and protect children instead of rip up their body parts and sell them like they’re parts to a Buick.”

Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina has been one of the most outspoken candidates on Planned Parenthood.  During the debate, she reiterated her strong Pro-Life stance, also alluding to Planned Parenthood’s body harvesting scandal: “I believe no one of us is any better than any other one of us.  Every one of us is gifted by God, whether it is those poor babies being picked over or it’s someone whose life is tangled up in a web of dependence.”

As we have reported, even the historically unabashedly anti-Life Governor George Pataki supports defunding Planned Parenthood in the wake of the horrifying content of the videos.  “What we can do,” he said, “is defund Planned Parenthood.  And by the way, put in place an absolute permanent ban on any taxpayer dollars ever being used to fund abortions.”

Louisiana’s outspoken Pro-Life Governor Bobby Jindal did not mince words when he ominously warned Planned Parenthood that an America led by President Jindal would not let the abortion giant continue to defy the law:  “Planned Parenthood had better hope that Hillary Clinton wins this election, because under President Jindal, January 2017, the Department of Justice and the IRS will be going in to Planned Parenthood.”

Speaking of Hillary, Jindal seems to have hit the nail on the head.  Just as with Obama, Planned Parenthood is cozied up next to the likely Democratic presidential nominee, and the lovey-dovey feelings are mutual.  During the GOP debate – in fact, while Pro-Life comments were being made by GOP candidates – Hillary was busy fawning over Planned Parenthood on social media:


These comments come in spite of the fact that Hillary (unlike Obama) has acknowledged that the content of the Planned Parenthood videos was “disturbing.”  “I have seen pictures from them [the Center for Medical Progress],” said Clinton, “and obviously find them disturbing.”  Not disturbing enough, apparently, to convince Hillary to sever her very lucrative ties with Planned Parenthood.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Americans United for Life for compiling “Life on the Ballot” quotes capturing GOP candidates’ statements on the dignity of human Life during the debate.