Pro-Life Houston Hero Offers Furniture Store to Shelter Freezing Texans

Seeing his fellow Texans suffering in the cold, Houston icon Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale decided to do everything he could to help. 

This week, Winter Storm Uri engulfed Texas, disabling power grids, bursting water pipes, and throwing Texans into a dark, cold nightmare. Freezing Texans were uncertain how to respond. But one man rose to the occasion.

McIngvale is a hard worker, patriot, and accomplished businessman. Starting as a roadside mattress salesman, Mack built his business into a multimillion dollar enterprise. 

Mack reminds us, however, that “to whom much has been given, much is expected.” 

“If you are in need of a warm place to stay and a meal, please stop by,” McIngvale announced. The Houston entrepreneur opened his Richmond and Houston stores to anyone suffering in the cold. 

Hundreds upon hundreds of freezing Texans streamed into Mack’s Gallery Furniture stores to take shelter from the record cold temperatures. 

Selfless, McIngvale is footing all the costs to shelter and feed suffering Texans. “We have lots of beds, lots of sofas, and lots of recliners. Come on in and make yourself at home,” Mack reportedly told shivering guests as they streamed into his store. 

Rather than idly sitting by, McIngvale sprang into action. To shelter people, he ran a massive generator, brought in portable toilets, and paid for food vendors to distribute much needed nourishment. 

Although most known locally as a businessman and avid sports fan, McIngvale is also a devoted Christian and Catholic. He takes his faith seriously and understands the call to protect Life no matter the personal costs. In 2018, Mattress Mack spoke at Texas Right to Life’s Pro-Life Men’s Breakfast event. 

McIngvale reminds us in word and deed that human Life is precious and worthy of protection. 

The mattress king opened his stores as shelters for the public in the past as well during Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey, and Tropical Storm Imelda. 

Mattress Mack is proof that anyone, from any walk of life, can be a hero. McIngvale did not wait for someone to tell him what to do. Nor was he under any obligation to offer his services. He simply saw suffering and responded with selfless love. Men and women such as Mattress Mack, ordinary people working and living in the world, are exactly what is needed to change our society and build a culture of Life.



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