Pro-Life Election Emergency Fund

Friend —

I have an emergency.

I'm contacting Texas Right to Life's strongest supporters and my best friends at the last minute — that means you.

Never before has Texas Right to Life been so involved in Texas elections like we are right now.

But here's the problem and why I'm contacting you on such short notice.

Election Day is Tuesday, and we are in 11 key elections that can change the direction of our state.

In these races, we have sponsored real Pro-Lifers who put the interests of unborn babies, the infirm, and women ahead of the medical lobby and personal bank accounts.

We will make this happen by ending the bloody careers of Republicans who claim they're Pro-Life but do everything in their power behind closed doors to stop us.

We've already had tremendous success during the Texas March primary. But this run-off election is where it all matters.

That's why I'm asking you for an emergency contribution.

With your support, Elizabeth and I will be able to run radio spots and send out one or two more rounds of Get Out The Vote emails and robo calls in these 11 races, including state-wide races like Ken Paxton and Sid Miller.

Friend, we have real proof that these ads can turn the tide to elect real Pro-Lifers. These races are so close, and turnout is expected to be less than 5% of the registered voters. Just getting a few more of our people to the polls can make a HUGE difference.

But it costs a tremendous amount of money, as you can surely imagine.

That's why I'm asking you to commit an emergency contribution.

I understand this is short notice.

But if you are able to contribute right now, we will be able to run ads in 11 races throughout Texas.

If you can make an emergency contribution to Texas Right to Life, please click and follow this link to donate.

If you have any questions, or want to talk about this, call me on my cell: 713-299-3751. I will be in and out, so if you don't connect with me immediately, please leave a message and I'll call right back.

Tomorrow and election day is the prime time to run ads and phone calls.

Everything is already recorded (we just cut the final ad for the Dallas market this hour) and ready to run, besides the funding.

Friend, if we lose these races, we will suffer a major setback for our legislative agenda, and the establishment moderates will argue our historic March victories were a fluke to be ignored.

If they win, the emboldened liberals will go back to business as usual: stopping us.

We've analyzed these races and legislators like Ken Paxton and Sid Miller need our support.

Let's push these races across and win this for Life!

Thank you for all you do to protect the unborn and make Texas Right to Life the nation's Pro-Life leader.

Yours for Life,