Pro-Life community does not need extremists

Last year, when the threat of electing the most anti-Life American president loomed over us, I received a greater number of emails and phone calls from individuals committed to doing more. “I just can't stand by and do nothing,” was expressed with anxiety time and time again, especially after the federal elections. Is there ever a time that we Pro-Lifers can relax, though?

Even with past administrations who have valued Life, abortions have never ceased to be committed across our nation. In a land when all should be free, 4,000 precious babies a day are stripped of their freedom. Lives are destroyed in the name of scientific research, and respecting our elders is a saying of the past, as quality of life judgments are made in America's hospitals and last breaths are forced to be taken early.

So, when is there ever a time that we should allow ourselves to “stand by and do nothing?” Why does it take extreme circumstances for Pro-Lifers to resolve to do more?

As we begin 2010, I challenge each of you to make a lifesaving resolution and stick to it. I challenge you to pray harder, stand taller, speak louder, and love unconditionally.

Love the woman who had an abortion because she felt that was her only choice; love the man who paid for it; love those who are misguided and work at abortion mills; love the doctors who fail to take the Hippocratic Oath and thus fail to protect all innocent human life. As Norma Mc Corvey, “Jane Roe” of [I]Roe vs. Wade[/I] witnesses to, let us win over others by love.