Pro-Life commercial airs during Olympic Games, affirms the value of preborn Life

The Olympics, Paralympics, and Special Olympics are beautiful examples of the incredible capabilities of humankind.  The Olympics testify to strength, commitment, determination, overcoming obstacles, and being just plain gifted by the Creator.  This year’s Summer Olympics in Rio provided a platform for productive conversations about adoption, patriotism, faith, and human exceptionalism.  There was even a Pro-Life commercial.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital advertised on NBC with the incredible story of literary agent Celeste Fine and her twin boys.  Fine’s babies were saved thanks to a life-affirming second opinion.  “Getting a second opinion is good idea [sic]when you’re facing a major medical decision,” says NewYork-Presbyterian.  “In Celeste Fine’s case, it changed everything – for the better.”  Watch the video in which Fine describes learning she was pregnant with twins, and then learning that they were experiencing Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, and what different sets of doctors recommended next:


“[W]e went to this other hospital,” Fine recalls, “and they recommended that we either terminate the entire pregnancy, or terminate Baby B in an effort to save Baby A.”  By telling Fine that her only options were to abort one or both babies, the first hospital wholly failed the new mother and her family.  “I remember my husband looked over and was like, ‘I’m not giving up on Baby B yet!’” Fine said.  “We decided to go and get a second opinion at NewYork-Presbyterian.”  There, the couple was told Celeste was a candidate for laser surgery.

“I can’t imagine thinking about ending one kid’s life to save our other kid’s life.  So Baby A comes out and I heard the cutest gurgle, and Baby B came out a minute after.  And then they were Elias and Mattin.”

“A second opinion can change everything,” NewYork-Presbyterian concludes.

In a tragically ironic twist, NewYork-Presbyterian is also affiliated with the commission of abortion.  However, this video suggests a culture shift on abortion.  By acknowledging the desirability of abortion alternatives and showcasing the joy of life-affirming decisions, NewYork-Presbyterian underscores the Life preference of most Americans.  Abortion is still a legal option, but one that is becoming less popular and less desirable in the mainstream.