Pro-Life budget shutters Texas abortion center

A year after Texas’ most Pro-Life budget went into effect the legislature that passed it continues to see results.

 Planned Parenthood of Abilene is closing its doors on November 9th citing the Pro-Life budget cuts spearheaded by Texas Right to Life.

 “We share the concern of community members about what the long term consequences of Texas' cuts to family planning funding will mean,” said Carla Holeva, interim CEO of Planned Parenthood of West Texas.

The Abilene Planned Parenthood is the first known abortion center to be shuttered since the passing of the budget which cut funding to family planning services that serve as a funding stream to the abortion industry. This center dispenses the dangerous abortion pill, RU-486, as well as the abortion-inducing morning-after pill. 

Since passing, thirteen family planning Planned Parenthood locations have closed.  The center in Abilene is the first Planned Parenthood that committed medical abortions to close, bringing the total Planned Parenthood closures to fourteen.    

This particular location is an example of the deceptive nature of Planned Parenthood’s “separation of services” argument. Although they were receiving family planning funding at 3449 N. 10th, the abortion center was located at the same address. Texas law, however, allows “separate” clinics to operate under the same roof – much like this Planned Parenthood location – while still receiving state funding. 

Abortion advocates have long claimed that family planning funding has no affect on abortion centers. The closing of this location, by admission of its own staff, implies differently.

Pro-Life Texans can be proud of their stand and their Pro-Life legislators who helped pass the strongest Pro-Life budget in history.