Pro-Life Aggies’ Signs Ripped Down, Replaced with Signs Advertising Planned Parenthood

Kendall Kelley, student at Texas A&M and member of the Pro-Life Aggies, reporting. 

“Pro-abortion advocates tore down flyers advertising Pro-Life Aggies’ annual scholarship for pregnant and parenting students. The mob replaced the Pro-Life flyers with ones promoting Planned Parenthood. 

Pro-Life Aggies (PLA) is a student organization at Texas A&M University that works to peacefully end abortion through student education, volunteering, and activism. As part of their efforts to defend and nurture Life on campus, PLA funds an annual ‘Pregnant and Parenting Scholarship,’ available to students who are pregnant or raising a child. The scholarship affirms that men and women do not have to sacrifice their children to pursue their dreams. 

The Pro-Life Aggies’ signs asked for donations to their fund to aid women, children, and families struggling in college. 

In place of the signs to help mothers and children at A&M, anti-Life advocates posted flyers that read, ‘My Body, My Choice. A woman’s life is more important than that of a fetus.’ Underneath this slogan the flyer included a link to Planned Parenthood’s website. 

The Pro-Life Aggies flyer (left) and the Planned Parenthood flyer (right).

Although anti-Lifers call themselves “pro-choice,” clearly they do not respect any choice that is not abortion.

Whoever posted these signs may pretend to be pro-women, but they deny access to information about resources available to women who may be struggling.

Anti-Lifers often claim that Pro-Lifers are only concerned with Life in the womb and don’t care about women or babies after birth. The pro-abortion mob’s actions reveal their utter hypocrisy, ripping down flyers offering help and care for women and children. 

The Pregnant & Parenting Scholarship is one of many forms of support provided by Pro-Life Aggies and countless other organizations that help mothers and babies after birth. 

Some of the members of Pro-Life Aggies posing for a group photo.

Members of Pro-Life Aggies provide resources to parenting mothers, provide free babysitting, and volunteer their time at other pregnancy centers such as the Elizabeth House Maternity Home in Bryan, Texas.

In direct opposition to the Pro-Life Aggies’ efforts to support and defend Life, another campus club self-identifying as ‘Feminists for Reproductive Equity & Education’ has begun advertising for a campaign to raise funds to pay for abortions. The program is called ‘Fund-a-Bun,’ and callously encourages women to kill their preborn babies. There is no clear connection with the ‘Fund-a-Bun’ campaign and the Planned Parenthood sign-stealing incident. 

The Pro-Life Aggies are undaunted by these disgusting and immature actions by anti-Lifers. PLA members know that we cannot continue to let our voices be silenced and allow invalid arguments to command the conversation on this topic. Too many children and mothers need our help.

The abortion industry pretends to care about women, but they only truly care about pushing abortion for their own profit.” 

Texas Right to Life is incredibly thankful to the Pro-Life Aggies for their efforts to defend Life and offer true care for women. The Pro-Life Aggies are incredible examples of true courage and persistence in defense of Life. 

These events precede the Texas House of Representatives’ debate this Thursday on funding the Texas Alternatives to Abortion (A2A) program. Like PLA, the A2A program offers true support and care for women in difficult pregnancy situations through a network of pregnancy centers across Texas. However, pro-abortion Democrats oppose the program.

Anti-Lifers, who pose as pro-women and “pro-choice,” would like to see the A2A program defunded. What we need is the Texas House to vote to increase funding for the Alternatives to Abortion Program. Contact your representatives now to tell them to increase funding to A2A!