Pro-aborts try to stop centers that actually help women

Abortion proponents are threatening Texas’ abortion-alternatives by calling for their funding to be revoked.  NARAL: Pro-Choice Texas is demanding the Texas Health and Human services committee audit and restrict funding to the Pro-Life Texas Pregnancy Care Network (TPCN).

It is not surprising that the abortion industry would call for an audit of these centers to deflect attention from their own indiscretions. Major abuses have been uncovered at the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, including alleged massive Medicaid fraud in TexasNARAL's demand to investigate TPCN providers, while calling Planned Parenthood's current congressional financial audit “politically-motivated,” is hypocritical.

The TPCN is budgeted for $4 million of state funds; Planned Parenthood has been given hundreds of millions of Texas tax dollars over the years.  The Texas Pregnancy Care Network continues to provide safe, viable abortion-alternatives. The abortion industry despises the fact that women are actually being helped in their time of need and that money is being stripped from lining the abortion industry’s pocketbook.