Pro-Abortion Lie Debunked: Thirty Couples Waiting to Adopt for Every Newborn Needing a Home

“Pro-choice” advocates frequently claim that without legal abortion the foster care system will be
overwhelmed with “unwanted” children. There is a lot to unpack from this calloused assertion,
but one fact is clear: there are around 1 to 2 million families waiting to adopt newborn
babies in the United States. This amounts to roughly 30 to 40 couples waiting to adopt
for every individual baby who is placed for adoption at birth. Even if every child who would
otherwise be aborted were placed for adoption, our foster care system will not be overwhelmed
with these babies.

When a woman becomes pregnant she has a few choices of how to move forward. But abortion
should not be one of these because it is the only one that ends the life of the baby growing in
her womb.

The moment a woman discovers she is pregnant, her life has been forever altered and any
decision she makes will come with some degree of benefit and risk. Nonetheless,
parenting—good parenting—naturally involves a sacrifice for one’s children. This starts from

To choose abortion means terminating the pregnancy by ending a preborn child’s life at the risk
of a mother’s physical, mental, and emotional health. To choose parenting is to choose
eighteen-plus years of raising a child and all of the blessings and struggles that may come with
raising children. Finally, to choose adoption means naturally bonding with her little preborn baby
for nine months and then handing him or her to another family to raise. 

In an adoption, the birth mother will choose what kind of relationship she would like to have with
her child and the adoptive family. She may decide that an “open adoption” is best, wherein she
will be able to have more communication with the family and even visit her child through the
years. The birth mother may also choose a “closed adoption,” where she says her goodbyes at
the hospital and allows the adoptive family to solely raise her little one.

As Adoption Network, an organization that helps to facilitate adoptions, says on their website: 
There are no national statistics on how many people are waiting to adopt, but experts
estimate it is somewhere between one and two million couples. Every year there are
about 1.3 million abortions. Only 4% of women with unwanted pregnancies place their
children through adoption.

We need to normalize adoption. It is brave and loving for a mother to choose Life for her
child, even if she knows she will not be there to raise her little one. It is beautiful for a
family to embrace another child as their own, with pure love for this unique and valuable tiny
person. Each mother also needs to know that should she choose adoption at birth, there are
dozens of couples waiting to love her baby.

Child Protective Services (CPS) and the foster care system tragically have thousands of
children who too need homes. However, the goal of these systems is reunification, and adoption
only sometimes is the outcome for the child. Children in foster care who are eligible for
adoption were not placed there at birth, but were rather removed from their families’ custody due to abuse or neglect. These children need loving families, but these children are NOT in CPS or foster care due to being placed there at birth. The abortion industry wants women to be so terrified of pregnancy, parenting, and adoption that they will not consider the consequences of abortion. Women need to know there are community resources available to them at pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies all over the nation and across the state of Texas. 

As we are in this post-Roe world, we must continue to build a fully Pro-Life Texas, and
streamlining the adoption process is part of that goal. Babies with their fate balancing between
abortion and adoption have many willing, loving Pro-Life families and homes waiting for them.
Find out if you and your family are eligible to adopt and consider adding a new little member to
your family!