Pro-abortion children’s book lies to kids about abortion

Abortion activists want nothing more than to trick the rising generation into accepting the killing of the preborn. With the dawn of widespread ultrasound technology and the information age of the internet, children today are well aware of the humanity of the preborn from a very young age. In order to accept abortion, activists have to lie to children.

That is exactly what they are trying to do with a new book aimed at young children. Called What’s an Abortion, Anyway?  Written and illustrated by self-described “abortion doulas,” the book is designed for young children. The creators claim they came up with the project after realizing there are no books about abortion aimed at children under the age of 13. 

The author Carly Manes brags about attending more than 2,000 abortions as an “abortion doula,” someone who provides emotional support to a mother undergoing an elective abortion. Together with an illustrator who uses the name Mar, “M”, or Emulsify, she created a book described as a “nonjudgmental book about abortion for children.”  

According to the book’s website, the book is “devoid of a traditional narrative arc due to the expansive, complex nature of abortion care.” And here is where the deception begins. Mothers are not called mothers, and the child in the womb is given euphemistic names to disguise the fact that abortion ends an innocent human Life.

The book is being produced through an online fundraiser on Kickstarter because traditional publishers rightly rejected the horrifying book. The creators write, “Time and again, we were told that no one would dare print a children’s book on such a stigmatized topic. We were told it was obscene and inappropriate.”

Disturbingly, when put on the internet, many anti-Lifers contributed to publishing the book with the goal of getting a copy into every abortion mill in the United States and hundreds of copies into public libraries. Within two days, the Kickstarter page met an initial $10,000 goal, and then in subsequent days exceeded a $20,000 stretch goal. What this demonstrates is that mainstream publishers recognize how strongly Pro-Life many people are, and there is a highly motivated minority that will put their own money toward corrupting children and spreading abortion propaganda.

A live reading of the book showed just how deceptive the book is. The creators read, “Some people have an abortion.” The book continues, “An abortion is when someone decides to stop growing their pregnancy. There are many different ways that people who are pregnant can have an abortion. Some people see a doctor who does a special procedure to remove the pregnancy from inside a person’s body. Other people take medicine to stop the pregnancy from growing bigger.”

In place of the word “baby,” the creators of the book have put the word “pregnancy,” hiding the reality of abortion. A young child viewing an ultrasound image, even ones taken very early in pregnancy, will readily identify the baby in the womb as a baby. There is no mistaking that the preborn child is fully human, alive with a beating heart, and that an abortion violently ends a life.

With funding secured, the abortion book aimed at deceiving children will be available by the fall. The creators write that they “believe in building a world for kids and adults where abortion is normalized as another outcome of pregnancy just like miscarriage and birth.” Abortion, unlike the joy of birth or the tragedy of miscarriage, is the violent destruction of an innocent human Life, and there are no pretty pictures or euphemisms that will change that fact.

Pro-Life commentator Catherine Hadro accurately said the book was “full of abortion propaganda and deception.” She added, “It denies scientific reality using the euphemism ‘a pregnancy’ for an unborn baby and calling mothers ‘people who are pregnant,’ as the book’s creators believe any gender can get pregnant and have an abortion.”

This is not the first attempt by abortion activists to sell abortion to kids. In 2015, a pro-abortion book tried to rationalize the elective killing a little boy’s baby sister. As with previous attempts, the latest pro-abortion book for children is a thinly veiled attempt to rationalize abortion to adults by lying to children.  



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