Pro-abortion celebrity asks for abortion stories—Pro-Lifers deliver

At a time when Hollywood elites seem to promote abortion more than ever, actress Alyssa Milano has made a name for herself as one of the most vocal members of the abortion mob. The radical actress put out a call for people to submit “your personal abortion story” to be featured on her podcast “Sorry Not Sorry.”

On Twitter, Milano’s request garnered almost 2,000 responses. Perhaps Milano was so used to the Hollywood echo chamber that she expected to be met with nothing but anti-Life stories affirming her extreme abortion advocacy. What she received was a Pro-Life dose of reality.

People from across the country replied with their stories. One proud father wrote, “My two adopted sons were not killed through abortion when their birth mom’s pregnancies became unplanned and they found themselves in a personal crisis. And I’m thankful every day for them and their birth families that we have open adoption plans with.” This family’s story underscores the fact that the pregnancy is not the crisis; the situation surrounding the pregnancy is the crisis. There is not only a mother involved in a crisis pregnancy situation; a father and at least one preborn baby are also involved. Life-affirming options do not require the death of any of the people involved while addressing the actual crisis.

Another person responding to Milano’s tweet shared her story of abortion regret and choosing Life. The mother wrote, “In 1993, I chose #abortion & it wrecked me. In 1994 & 1995 (newly pregnant & still single in pic), I chose to parent & my life was forever changed for the better! I am passionately #proLife. The #abortion industry exploits vulnerable women into killing their own child for profit.” The abortion industry has perpetuated the lie that women must kill their preborn children through abortion in order to succeed, but stories like these show that a mother’s true success does not come at the expense of her child.

Another mother shared her story of choosing Life despite the odds. She replied to Milano saying, “I was 19, & everyone told me I couldn’t do it. ‘You’re so young, think about your future!’ I’m 22, have my own house & car now, & I’m almost finished with my degree. All while raising a two year old girl. Abortion is a lie. Abortion says you don’t have a choice.” Stories like these show the ultimate lie at the heart of the culture of death: that abortion is “pro-choice” and about women’s autonomy. In a society in which three-quarters of mothers seeking elective abortion are low income, abortion is clearly not about choice but about a lack of choice.

Other women shared stories of abortion regret with Milano. Many people pointed out that they doubted these perspectives would be featured in Milano’s anti-Life propaganda. One woman courageously shared her abortion experience writing, “It’s personal and the most difficult decision I ever made. I would never talk about my story to encourage abortion, I would discourage it, so obviously you wouldn’t want to hear my story.”

Another woman shared her mother’s story of abortion regret. Claire Culwell is an abortion survivor; she wrote in reply to Milano’s request: “My birth mother had a D&E Abortion that aborted my twin, but missed me. Her abortion traumatized her. She says if she could go back to when she was pregnant with me knowing what abortion does, she would have made a different choice. Abortion hurts women and women deserve better.”

Several of the responses to Milano’s tweet shatter the myth that abortion is “necessary” in difficult cases, such as when the baby results from rape or when the child is severely disabled. A mother whose child is the result of rape wrote that she and her husband had no regrets about choosing Life. Another mother shared the heartbreaking story of welcoming her son with a life-limiting condition. She said, “My son had a profound congenital heart defect where abortion is routinely advised. He died peacefully in my arms 3 days after he was born instead of dying through the heinous and violent act of abortion.”

The overwhelming Pro-Life response also speaks to the growing recognition in our culture that the abortion industry is built on lies and the celebrities, like Milano, who shill for the abortion industry and do not share the values of the Pro-Life majority.

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