Pro-abortion candidate uses ultrasound of her preborn baby in political ad

Gone are the days when abortion activists can claim that babies in the womb are just a “clump of cells” and not a human being with a beating heart. The mainstream use of ultrasound technology to monitor baby’s growth in the womb has led to most mothers seeing their baby’s beating heart flickering on the ultrasound screen, even at the earliest stages of pregnancy. For families expecting a baby, an ultrasound image on the refrigerator door is a common sight.

In response to this undeniable evidence of the human being in the womb, pro-abortion politicians are not revising their position but choosing to take a more radical stance. A prime example comes from a race most people outside of New York are not following. Pro-abortion Zephyr Teachout is running for attorney general. There would be nothing significant about another abortion zealot politician running in New York, one of the most anti-Life states in the union, except for Teachout’s bizarre political ad.

Teachout, endorsed by the radical anti-Life group NARAL Pro-Choice America, has consistently pushed the priorities of the abortion lobby in her previous campaign for governor and current bid for attorney general. Nonetheless, Teachout’s latest political ad features an extended look at the ultrasound of her preborn baby, who is due to be born next month.

James Barrett of the Daily Caller explains that the ad “begins by focusing on the ultrasound images of her unborn child, something one might expect in a pro-life Republican ad — but Teachout’s voice-over quickly makes clear that she’s no Republican.” Teachout asks in the ad, “What does his or her future look like?” referring to the fully-formed child in the womb. In a future in which NARAL and the abortion lobby accomplish their legislative priorities, the precious baby on the ultrasound might not have a future at all. If left to the radical anti-Life politicians, the violent and barbaric dismembering of that living child with a beating heart would be legal at any time for any reason.

But this isn’t just any baby. The camera pans from the screen displaying the ultrasound to the pregnant belly of a mother and zooms out to reveal Teachout herself. Teachout even uses her child as a reason to suggest she is uniquely qualified in running for attorney general, closing the ad by saying “you’ve never seen an attorney general like me — and neither have they,” referring to “the Albany machine” and Donald Trump apparently. Watch the full ad here:

This is the new “pro-choice” position. We all know that the baby in the womb is, in fact, a baby with a beating heart, a unique set of DNA, and fully formed body at a remarkably early stage of pregnancy. The anti-Life, “pro-choice” position now seems to be that you get to decide whether or not you treat that person as a person.

When the child is the preborn daughter of an up-and-coming New York politician, she gets a cameo in a big political ad. When the child is scheduled for death by abortion, we’re supposed to ignore the ultrasound. As Senti Sojwal, abortion activist working for Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund, writes in the Huffington Post, the abortion industry is trying to “create a world where each person is able to live a life of dignity, on their own terms.” In the anti-Life world view, people get to decide what dignity is, what personhood is, and what the ethical treatment of preborn human beings is without reference to reality.

Thankfully, most people are not duped by these lies. Most women who see an ultrasound of their preborn child recognize the inherent dignity and worth of that child. Many abortion-minded women who see an ultrasound of their preborn child choose Life. Every preborn child should receive the same attention and concern as Teachout’s preborn child.