Pressure Texas legislators to make Life a priority this year!

Friend —

I know it's Sunday of Valentine's Day weekend and you may be busy planning for the upcoming week, but I need to tell you something.

We have an emergency. When my team and I were told by a Texas legislator not to expect Pro-Life legislation this year, I knew supporters like you would rally to Texas Right to Life but we are nowhere near our goal, yet.

60,000 babies are about to be slaughtered if we don't protect them, I need you to know if you will pitch-in so we will be able to fight back the legislators who are about to break their promises.

Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King's niece, has agreed to fight with us. She knows we're the nation's Pro-Life leader and she will not let Texas fall!

That's why she will speak at our Life First rally and speak for the voiceless and the women who are victims of the multi-billion dollar a year abortion industry.

Here's some good news: I am pleased to tell you that one supporter like you has stepped up and offered $10,000 to match your contribution if you will pitch-in right now. That means if you donate $100, we receive another $100 on top of it!

Bring Alveda King to Texas and tell legislators to stick to their Pro-Life promises by clicking and following this link to immediately donate $100 or more.

Our work in Texas is VERY expensive because we fight the taxpayer-funded abortion industry and wealthy hospitals who have influential legislators in their pocket. These are the same legislators who decide whether to bring Pro-Life legislation to the floor for a vote!

That's why I'm asking you to bring Alveda King to Texas so the Pro-Life movement can apply pressure and demand that Life is the number one priority for the Texas legislature.

Will you make this happen with a contribution of $100 or more, right now?

Remember, if you give $100 right now, we receive a total of $200! You get it.

Please donate, right now. We must raise $27,538 by February 17. We only have 3 days to go!

Do not let Texas fall! Stand with Dr. Alveda King and Texas Right to Life by clicking and following this link right now.

Protect Life. Support Texas Right to Life this Valentine's week-end!

Yours for Life,