Preparations complete: Session begins today

Well, the day is finally here. Today marks the official beginning of the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature. For more than a year the Texas Right to Life Legislative Team has been brain storming, researching, making presentations, and hosting roundtable discussions around the state to prepare and shape the Pro-Life Legislative Agenda for this session. We’re honored to work so closely with some of the brightest and most passionate Pro-Life lawyers, doctors, activists, and elected officials in Texas. Together we work to prepare the policies we’ll be lobbying for to restore justice in Texas for pregnant women, preborn children, and vulnerable patients.

Countless committed Pro-Life legislators have worked hard in helping us shape the agenda and we are excited to continue these conversations. These specific policies will protect innocent human life.  There are a lot of issues for the legislature to consider this session. However, there is no more principal responsibility that a governing authority has than to protect the first and indispensible inalienable right that all innocent humans have — the right to life.