Pregnant American Idol contestant wows judges, shares story of choosing life for her daughter

On the latest season of American Idol, the show had a possible first: a contestant who auditioned at 9-months pregnant.  23-year-old Amber Fiedler, who is from Idaho, was 38-weeks pregnant for her audition in Oregon for a chance to go to Hollywood.  Her obvious baby bump solicited excited questions from the judges about her baby girl. The judges were shocked to learn that Fielder had made the decision to place her daughter with an adoptive family.

The judges were deeply impressed with her strength and maturity.  Fiedler explained, “The last few years, I was going out and, ya know, drinking a bit and I was getting caught up in life.”  Becoming pregnant with her daughter turned her life around. Fiedler continued, “With this pregnancy, I’ve learned who I was as a person.  I’ve had time to sit and think and look at the big picture of life. There’s days when I don’t even have $20 in my pocket. If I’m not ready to be a mom, why would I put her through that, ya know?”

Having grown up in difficult circumstances with a mother who was addicted to drugs, Fiedler knew she wanted better for her daughter.  Moved to tears, Fielder shared, “With the family that I chose, they’re gonna be able to give her everything she wants and I know I’m not gonna be able to do that.”  Fiedler explained later that the adoption is an open adoption, so her biological daughter will know who Fiedler is as she grows up and they will be able to have a relationship. 

Reflecting on what she hopes her daughter will learn, Fiedler said, “I think she’s really—I’m hoping anyways—that she’s really gonna understand that I’m trying to choose the best for her.”  Her love for her daughter is obvious in her selfless sacrifice. Like many other adoptive mothers, Fiedler shared how the experience has been healing for her.  Her own mother, who has been off drugs for four years, has grown closer to her and expressed her admiration for her daughter’s decision.

Fiedler also found the strength to choose better for herself because of her daughter.  She told the American Idol judges, “Having the time to really think and reflect on my life, the baby, she saved me.  She really did. And so, thanks,” she said speaking to her baby and gently rubbing her belly.

The judges were not only wowed by Fiedler’s story but also her singing voice (even with “a foot in her ribs,” as one judge quipped), which prompted them to unanimously vote to send her to Hollywood.  At the Hollywood performance weeks later the judges learned that Fiedler had given birth to her daughter.  When asked how she was doing Fielder said she was “really good” and shared how the experience of giving birth and seeing her daughter with her adoptive family confirmed that she had made the right decision, as hard as that path was. 

She shared, “It was such a beautiful moment when she came out, and just seeing the adoptive mom hold her, it felt good; it felt right; it felt peaceful, and I’m really happy about my decision.”  Many women in Fiedler’s position, especially going into the music industry, are pressured to end a child’s life in abortion instead of choosing Life through parenting or placing a child for adoption.

Fiedler is confident she made the right choice for her daughter, saying, “She’s really gonna bring a lot of light to a lot of people’s lives.  I mean, she’s brought a lot of light to my life.” The girl’s adoptive family chose her name, Nora Rose, paying tribute to Fiedler’s red hair with her middle name.

Fiedler’s positive outlook and incredible strength shows America what women are capable of achieving.  Although the abortion industry continues to sell the lie that success must come at the expense of preborn babies’ lives, mothers like Fiedler show us that mothers can pursue their dreams while choosing Life for their children.



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