URGENT: Pledge to Pray for Abilene Babies!

Will you pledge to pray in support of the Abilene Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance?

The abortion industry is targeting West Texas, this ordinance will stop them in their tracks!

The Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance is a local measure that would:

  1. Declare abortion to be murder;
  2. Prohibit Planned Parenthood from committing abortions in your community; and
  3. Save preborn children from the atrocity of abortion.

This ordinance, which is already in effect in over 40 other Texas cities, goes beyond the Texas Heartbeat Act by protecting preborn children that do not yet have detectable heartbeats!

Abilene City Council will take the final vote on this HUGE Pro-Life ordinance TODAY!

Join your fellow Pro-Lifers from across Texas in pledging to pray for Abilene babies!