Planned Parenthood’s top 10 most ironic tweets


The anti-Life position has always been filled with contradictions — they say one thing but do the opposite.  

And as one might expect, the abortion giant Planned Parenthood is the worst of the anti-Life hypocrites.

So here they are: Planned Parenthood’s top 10 most ironic, least self-aware tweets of all time.  Enjoy.

10. Ending racial discrimination

Ending racial discrimination is a wonderful cause.  If Planned Parenthood agreed, they would stop aborting children because of their race.  Texas Right to Life is proud to champion the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA) in the Texas Legislature.  This “anti-New York bill” would end late-term abortions and legalized deadly discrimination in Texas.

9. Ableism

You know what else is absolutely a part of that?  Killing children because of their disability.  Just look at Iceland, which has eliminated ALL children with Down syndrome by aborting them.

8. The “small minority” of Pro-Life Americans

Planned Parenthood and other anti-Lifers love to call those who believe in life “radicals,” but their position of government-funded elective abortions is the real “small minority.”

More than 6 in 10 of Americans who identify as “pro-choice” favor restricting abortion to the first trimester at most.  So do 6 in 10 Democrats, 8 in 10 independents, and 9 in 10 Republicans!  Who’s the “small minority” now?

7. Free from fear and violence

Yes, Planned Parenthood, we do all deserve to live free from fear and violence — and so do the unborn!

6. Freedom from violence

Entrusted to protect them… Free from violence… There can be no greater trust than an unborn child, who depends on her mother for protection.  Don’t they deserve to be free from abortion, which is inherently VIOLENT?

5. Our bodies are our own

Keep in mind this tweet comes from an organization that actually sells aborted children’s body parts.

4. Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day from the organization that murdered 332,757 children in a single year!

3. Separating children

Dr Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood, would do well to ask herself one question: Could anything cause more lifelong physical and emotion harm to a mother and child than to kill them in the womb? #HowDareYou

2. Free from violence

Absolutely.  None are safe until we all can be free from violence — especially the unborn.

1.  Wow.  Just… wow.

You can draw your own conclusions on this one!

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