Planned Parenthood´s new hospital for killing infants

This evening my wife and I arrived late to the “Fast and Prayer Rally” at the Grace Community Church on Gulf Freeway. after arriving, we spent about 25 minutes winding through a very large parking lot that turned out to be too small. The attendants apologized and sent us to an AMC theatre overflow parking lot a couple miles away from which they had shuttles. We felt bad, but had to turn around and get back to Conroe. We thought we would just come in late and pray and leave easily. Wrong! The GOOD news is how packed it was!

On the way home we saw for the first time the building below. In the dark of night, it simmered as if something Rod Serling would produce for the “Twilight Zone,” yet it was real. Dawn and I had mutual thoughts of Satan, German concentration camps, Margaret Sanger and Hitler's eugenic eulogies and ultimate creation of the euphemism “Planned Parenthood.” We remembered the movie “Field of Dreams” and “If you build it, they will come.” That was about love of sport; this is about the culture of death, murder and slaughter of millions of innocent unborn babies. May God have mercy on the hearts and souls of those who built it, those who will commit the atrocities in its chambers and those who will be victimized or killed there. Those who came tonight were lined up in long lines of cars, headlights penetrating the Sunday night on the eve of Martin Luther King's birthday. Seeing what seemed a hospital for killing infants at any stage of pregnancy on the way home moved us deeper into disbelief that such an evil has expanded from the clinic on Fannin to this, the second largest abortion mill in the world, in Houston.

We will continue prayer and fasting. We appreciate the countless heroes that were at the event tonight. We will continue to be awed at how we elect people who sleep with the likes of Planned Parenthood and see the choice of killing unborn infants as OK. We hold our 8 week old grandson and cannot fathom our country of laws that actually allows the murder of over 50 million equally adorable and innocent children based on size, location, stage of development and selfish human frailties. The events in Haiti are horrid and so very much need our attention and support for the innocents there. That is a natural disaster that cannot be controlled. Abortion is a manmade holocaust we can control. We continue to elect accomplices like the former mayor of Houston, U.S. Senators, U.S. Presidents and entire administrations, legislators and justices that are OK with this.

We are all getting old. This is all getting old. And children are not getting a chance to grow old.

[I]Dr. Joe Morrison is a medical doctor who is the founder and president of Montgomery County Right to Life in Texas.[/I]