Planned Parenthood´s crass abuse of Colorado shooting continues to shock Pro-Lifers and abortion advocates alike

When a “rambling loner” opened fire on civilians and police officers near a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood on Friday, the question many asked was why.  What was Robert Lewis Dear’s motive for turning a peaceful Colorado day into a shootout with a fatal ending?  Today, nearly a week later, no motive has been disclosed to the public.  Mainstream media’s interviews with Dear’s family and acquaintances have established that the shooter appears to have had no connection to the Pro-Life movement, and was considered unstable at best by those who knew him well.

Dear came to Colorado from North Carolina, where he lived in a shanty without running water or electricity.  He seems to have had very little human interaction, and those who knew him speculate that he is mentally unsound.  Despite a glaring lack of evidence that Dear maintained any vitriol towards Planned Parenthood or the abortion cartel in general, PP has already exhausted myriad means to exploit the tragedy by manipulating facts about the shooting and the gunman in order to bolster public favor.  And they’re doing this by painting a wildly inaccurate, hateful picture of the Pro-Life community.

Yet, even Planned Parenthood supporters are rejecting the group’s gone-too-far PR tactics this time.  The group, for example, shamelessly promoted abortion at a memorial service for victims of the shooting.  As LifeNews reports, one woman who identified as a Planned Parenthood supporter walked out of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church when Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains CEO Vicki Cowart commandeered the memorial to spew politically-charged abortion rhetoric.  “I thought we were here to grieve and mourn for the people who died and not make political statements,” said the woman, who was applauded for taking a stand against the callous tactics Planned Parenthood applied at the service.

The abortion giant also wasted no time in harnessing the tragedy for financial gain (after all, profiting off of death is Planned Parenthood’s M.O.).  By narrating a fiction about “violent” Pro-Lifers, the group hopes to drum up enough sympathy to funnel donations into their already-flush pockets.  Ever-ready to play the victim, Planned Parenthood coined, “These doors stay open” as their capitalizing rally cry of the day, insinuating in no uncertain terms that Dear somehow intended to close down the operation.  Again, this notion is backed by exactly zero credible evidence.  Nevertheless, Planned Parenthood has unscrupulously circulated a fundraising page thinly veiled as a petition to ensure Planned Parenthood’s doors stay open (with a ‘MAKE YOUR GIFT TODAY’ button featured prominently atop the page). 

“To those who go to unimaginable extremes to close our doors,” says the ominous-sounding letter,We deplore your violence.  We reject your threats.  We fight your legislation to limit reproductive rights and health care in every corner of our country.  We believe your actions and words hurt women…”

The petition “demands” an end to “incendiary rhetoric from anti-abortion activists and lawmakers that demonizes Planned Parenthood.”  Yet, not one Pro-Life lawmaker or well-respected advocate has condoned or encouraged violence against Planned Parenthood.  Rather, the “incendiary rhetoric” refers solely to the statements of fact which happen to be damning to Planned Parenthood – i.e., the fact that Planned Parenthood not only kills preborn children, but also sells their body parts to the highest bidder.  Or the fact that Planned Parenthood employees are willing to aid pimps in skirting laws against child sex trafficking and statutory rape.  Or the fact that in spite of Planned Parenthood’s creative math methods which yield a 3% abortion statistic, roughly 37% of their revenue is derived from those nearly 330,000 annual abortions.  Or the fact that Planned Parenthood will giddily accept racist donations earmarked specifically to abort black babies.

Stating these well-documented facts are a capital offense against Planned Parenthood’s attitude of government-pampered entitlement.  Pro-Lifers are not terrorists; we simply speak truths Planned Parenthood would prefer the public not hear.