Planned Parenthood´s attempt to remake image during undercover scandal a flop

Since the beginning of August, Planned Parenthood has released a slew of videos designed to remind America that Planned Parenthood is more than just a slaughterhouse where dead children are sold for parts.  The group rounded up several employees and supporters who are gung-ho about their affiliations with Planned Parenthood to share their message, eerily bereft of any mention of abortion.

As chronicled ad nauseam by clinic workers in the video series, Planned Parenthood provides STI screenings, referrals for adoption, cancer screenings, breast screenings, and testicular exams.  In their excitement to enumerate all the wonderful things Planned Parenthood does, the videos omit a glaring piece of the Planned Parenthood pie: abortion.

Why?  Because the group has been exposed as an abortion-obsessed, profit-driven hotbed of illegal activity that is now known to put women’s health last.  Nowhere is abortion mentioned, or even alluded to in the videos.  Never has Planned Parenthood wanted so badly to distance themselves from the heart of their operations and to restore the façade that they are a women’s health organization than now.

The tactic, however, seems to be having little impact on the public.  The video views hover in the low-hundreds, with the exception of the video below, which is prominently featured on Planned Parenthood’s homepage right now (yet still boasts only a modest number of views compared to the millions of views garnered by the Center for Medical Progress’ videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s agenda):

This campaign of almost thirty video clips is a desperate PR stunt that is more laughable than effective.  Americans have seen the truth, and no marketing gimmicks on Planned Parenthood’s part can erase the images and soundbites we have seen and heard, thanks to the Center for Medical Progress, from our collective American memory.

If you have not watched the Center for Medical Progress’ videos yet, you should.  Visit the CMP’s YouTube channel to get started.