Planned Parenthood Report shows MORE abortions, LESS healthcare in 2020

Planned Parenthood’s new report shows:

  • MORE abortions, LESS healthcare
  • 1 in 6 clients got an abortion
  • Only one adoption referral per 200 abortions

After a months-long delay, Planned Parenthood has finally released their infamous annual report for the 2020-2021 period. It shows exactly where their true priorities lie.

The Planned Parenthood annual report mainly serves to promote propaganda, celebrating their anti-Life “accomplishments” and lamenting their losses to the Pro-Life side. Most of the information is useless, but tucked at the very end of the report are some critically important numbers. Here, Planned Parenthood tells us how many of each service they provided, including the number of abortions they committed, as well as financial data on revenue and expenditures.

This new report covers services offered from October 2019 to September 2020, providing some insight into how Planned Parenthood was impacted by the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown.

With very few exceptions, Planned Parenthood offered fewer of each service than they had in previous years. Total legitimate health services took a nosedive from over 10 million to just 8.6 million. For instance, they performed 17% fewer STI tests, 36% fewer breast exams, and 27% fewer pap tests. Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion health services have been gradually and consistently decreasing over the last few years, but this report sharpens that decline considerably.

However, they committed around 30,000 MORE abortions during this reporting period than they did the previous year. From October 2019 to September 2020, Planned Parenthood ended 383,460 lives through abortion, amounting to one abortion every 20 seconds during operating hours. This was accompanied by a 27% decrease in adoption referrals, coming out to only one adoption referral for every 200 abortions.

Despite performing fewer actual health services, Planned Parenthood was still given $633.4 million in federal grants, $15 million more than in the previous report.

Some of the decreases in their non-abortion services might be attributed to COVID-19, but if that were the case we would expect to see abortions decrease as well, or even remain steady with previous years, certainly not INCREASE by tens of thousands. Clearly, over the pandemic, Planned Parenthood prioritized abortion over all else, more than ever before.

This annual report is where anti-Life activists have historically based the extremely misleading talking point that abortion is only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does. They derived this deceptive figure by dividing the number of abortions by the total number of “services”, which Planned Parenthood defines as a “discrete clinical interaction.” According to the most recent report, abortion accounts for only 4% of the 8.6 million total services.

The intentionally deceitful nature of this number becomes clear when you divide abortions by the number of clients rather than services. This will prove how many women actually walked into Planned Parenthood to get an abortion. With 2.16 million clients, we can determine that around 1 in 6 women who walked into Planned Parenthood received an abortion, NOT 1 in 33 as Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren would have you believe.

With their definition of “service,” Planned Parenthood can mask how much of their business abortion accounts for, since the main purpose of the patient’s visit and the cost don’t matter to them. If a woman came in for an abortion and was given a pregnancy test, STI test, and birth control at her visit, Planned Parenthood would still say the abortion was only 25% of what they did for her, even though the abortion costs more and takes more time than the other three “services” combined.

Anti-Lifers attempt to use Planned Parenthood’s report against Pro-Life efforts, and certainly that’s how the abortion giant would like the report to be used. In reality, however, the numbers work against Planned Parenthood’s public image, illustrating where their true priorities lie – profiting off ending the lives of preborn children. Pro-Lifers must not pass up the opportunity to expose their lies and hypocrisy. Even as elective abortion is now illegal in Texas, there is still work for Pro-Life Texans to do in highlighting the deadly, destructive, and deceptive goals of Planned Parenthood.

During the upcoming Texas Legislature, Texas Right to Life will work to ensure the abortion industry is held accountable to fully following our life-saving laws and that true life-giving services are provided to women, preborn children, and families.

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