Planned Parenthood receives 20,000 donations in Mike Pence’s name

We shouldn’t be surprised that Planned Parenthood has managed to turn humiliating political defeat into an opportunity for financial gain.  Planned Parenthood sunk a record $30 million into promoting Hillary Clinton and the anti-Life agenda.  Since Planned Parenthood’s good friend Hillary Clinton would have guaranteed continued taxpayer funding, anti-Life activists were rabidly motivated to see her elected.  Unsurprisingly, when the American people elected Hillary’s Pro-Life opponent, Planned Parenthood was “Devastated. Angry. Shocked. Disgusted.”  (Guess what, Planned Parenthood?  That’s how some people feel about the tragedy of abortion in our country every day!)

True to form, Planned Parenthood supporters have not been dignified in defeat.  Led by celebrities like Katy Perry and Amy Schumer, anti-Life activists are throwing a fundraising tantrum.  Since President-elect Donald Trump’s decisive victory last week, Planned Parenthood has received 160,000 donations.  20,000 of those donations, 12.5 percent, were made in Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s name.  Petty?  Without a doubt!  Gleeful anti-Life activists circulated the address for Governor Pence’s office to include in the donation, so that his office will receive a certificate of donation to Planned Parenthood.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time Governor Pence has suffered the petulant wrath of the anti-Life lobby.  Laura Shanley started the grotesque “Periods for Pence.”  Earlier this year, the strongly Pro-Life Pence approved a bill that would protect preborn babies with a disability from discriminatory abortion.  Passing similar legislation is one of Texas Right to Life’s legislative priorities in the upcoming session.  In response to these life-affirming protections, outraged anti-Life activists led by Shanley started harassing the governor and other Pro-Life elected officials.  Shanley and her ilk called the governor’s office daily to provide detailed information about their menstruation.  Shanley’s antics have spawned a national “movement,” so Pro-Life leaders across the country can expect to receive harassing phone calls.

Given the history of anti-Life vitriol against Pence, the fundraising high jinx seems tame.  What a sad statement about the anti-Life lobby that flooding the office of the governor of Indiana with 20,000 phony donation certificates is tame!

Despite what Planned Parenthood and their tantrum-throwing supporters would have you believe, most Americans are Pro-Life.  Pro-Life Americans don’t think that Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in the nation, deserves one red cent of our tax dollars.  The fungible government funds given to Planned Parenthood for “cancer screening” (but definitely not mammograms) cannot be separated from the money that pays for the electricity.  Keeping the lights on at Planned Parenthood means that there’s power to the suction machine that ends the lives of preborn babies.

Texas Right to Life has ensured that Texas taxpayer’s no longer fund Planned Parenthood in our state, and this session we will fight to close the final loopholes that allow Planned Parenthood to receive your money.  We hope that under the leadership of strongly Pro-Life elected officials chosen by the American people, Washington, D.C., will finally give Planned Parenthood the boot.  Click here to ask your elected officials to pass Pro-Life bills!