Planned Parenthood president gets $67,000 raise as annual salary jumps to nearly $600K

Planned Parenthood prez Cecile Richards is making a killing, literally.  The abortion giant’s head was bequeathed a hefty pay increase in the last reported fiscal year, with her salary jumping from $523,616 to nearly $591,000.  And just four years ago, the abortion boss made $400,000; so, clearly, Planned Parenthood compensation is trending upward.

Planned Parenthood, the same group which audaciously takes credit for the nation’s radical abortion decline, is obviously doing very well – but the abortions they commit are not experiencing parallel reduction along with the rest of American abortion businesses.  In fact, Planned Parenthood’s profiteering strategy is to absorb the business of as many of the remaining abortions that are being committed as possible.  To this end, the cunning conglomerate began rolling out “mega” abortion mills more than a decade ago.

And these huge abortuaries (e.g., the mega-PP in Houston) are extremely efficient at legalized mass murder: Since Planned Parenthood instigated this strategy, their overall abortion business has exploded with the addition of more than 200 abortions every single day, according to Anna Paprocki at The Federalist.  Concomitant to their abortion increase, Paprocki astutely notes, the number of clients Planned Parenthood sees per annum has steadily decreased (emphasis added):

While dramatically growing its abortion business, Planned Parenthood’s client base, as a whole, has stagnated and even declined.  Planned Parenthood reported it saw 2,936,328 million clients at its centers in 2004.  […]  But PPFA’s most recent annual report estimates it saw only 2.7 million clients, a nearly 10 percent decline.  Taking those two trends together—more abortions and fewer overall patients—paints a compelling picture of where Planned Parenthood’s priorities lie.  Compared to 2004, in 2013 Planned Parenthood centers saw about 650 fewer total patients each day, but performed 200 more abortions daily.

Aside from their tragically growing abortion business, Planned Parenthood counts on one other indispensable source of revenue: you.  The taxpayer.  You help to funnel more than $540 million into the coffers of corrupt Planned Parenthood practices every single year.  If Planned Parenthood lost their enshrined right to empty your pockets of your hard-earned paycheck, they would sink like the Titanic.

Planned Parenthood’s claim of “nonprofit” status (enabling the massive funneling of taxpayer moneys into their coffers) is so far from the reality of how their business is conducted as to be laughable.  Nonprofits typically do not end their fiscal years, for example, with $582 million in excess revenue and $1.3 billion (yes, billion with a “b”) in net assets.  But “not-for-profit” Planned Parenthood sure does.  In light of how yes-for-profit Planned Parenthood really is, Cecile Richards’ $590,000 salary may not be so shocking, after all.